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    We have two stunning brand new , York Preference Eb Tenor Horn's now available.

    The first is the 3049 model in silver plate finish. A direct comparison to the Besson Sovereign BE950 Eb Horn but at a fraction of the cost.

    The instrument comes with a warranty & in it's original unmarked hard case.

    cash4t 25 1 13 001.jpg cash4t 25 1 13 002.jpg cash4t 25 1 13 003.jpg cash4t 25 1 13 004.jpg
    Next is the stunning 3050 model in lacquer finish. This model is fitted with a main tuning slide trigger. A direct comparison to the Besson Prestige BE2050 Eb Tenor but again at a fraction of the cost.

    This instrument also comes with a 12mth warranty & it's original case.

    Both instrument's are listed on ebay with a starting price of £1899.00

    cash4t 25 1 131 001.jpg
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    Please find additional images of the York 3050 Eb Tenor Horn in lacquer finish........

    cash4t 25 1 131 003.jpg cash4t 25 1 131 004.jpg cash4t 25 1 131 007.jpg

    Please feel free to contact us for anymore information you may require.
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    Both instruments have now been reduced and have a starting price on ebay of just £1699.00

    Any questions / information or additional images please feel free to contact us.
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