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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by David Evans, Jul 6, 2017.

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    Yes, I realise that most of you are big burly brassbandspeople able to carry all the band's instruments on one arm with the other tied behind your back, the timps on your head and probably able to brush the floor as well BUT, for those less able, Asda sell a nice little black metal fold-flat trolley with two decent wheels and easily able to carry a Bass, Euph, Bari, Sop, etc for £10
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    I'm currently within the 'manly' - or perhaps 'pig-headed' - group that doesn't bother with trolleys and the like and hauls whatever is needed to where ever it is needed. Proper Bandsmen don't bother with trolleys, yes? However, time marches by and whilst increasing years sometimes bring wisdom they almost always bring a weakened body. Let's be realistic, a bit of (mechanical) assistance moving stuff about is going to help us all at some point.

    I think that this is the trolley suggested: Ozark Trail Trolley | Home & Garden | George at ASDA . Other seemingly identical trolleys are available off of eBay for a similar price and a bit more money gets you something stronger again with larger wheels that swivel to a allow flatter storage of the collapsed trolley.

    The questions in my mind are: 'what's very likely to work for me and with what instruments', 'what do others successfully use now' and 'in what settings do others use their solutions' ? I wonder too what's the most challenging 'normal' haul for day to day banding; moving a BBb from a high-rise flat to a bandroom across London (via public transport and foot only) is amongst the most difficult that I can imagine.

    I think that David has made a very useful suggestion and hope that others will add their solutions to lugging stuff around, please.
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