Carols For Cymru at the Wales Millennium Centre

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    This Christmas, in an attempt to address the desire to raise the profile of voluntary / amateur music in Wales, Making Music Wales and Ty Cerdd are inviting brass musicians and singers from across the principality to come together at the iconic Wales Millennium Centre, in a massed celebration of the proud tradition of Welsh voluntary music making.

    Taking place on Tuesday December 21st 'Carols for Cymru' is a free event, wholly aimed at offering as many Welsh music makers as possible the opportunity to come together in the capital, to simultaneously make music together and collectively raise the profile of voluntary music in Wales.

    Everyone is welcome to participate, either as individuals or in groups.

    The performance will take place in the Glanfa foyer of the Millennium Centre at 6:00pm on Tuesday December 21, under the direction of leading conductor and former BBC National Orchestra of Wales principal tuba Nigel Seaman.

    Repertoire will consist wholly of Christmas music and all brass players and vocalists from across Wales are invited to perform as part of the massed brass band and massed Christmas choir that will assemble.

    For further information, and to register you or your band's participation, visit

    Show your passion and support for Welsh music making - cymryd rhan: get involved!
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    Carols For Cymru

    Just a quick update for everyone on next week's Carols For Cymru event for brass bands in Wales.

    In addition to the feature last week on the event is also now being featured on the Whats On In Cardiff and Big Cardiff websites, with further coverage expected this week and next.

    With the Arts Council of Wales announcement regarding funding for it's major clients (which include Ty Cerdd, Music Centre Wales) due any time now (see this article on for details) raising the profile of the amateur arts in Wales couldn't be more timely.

    Again full details of the Carols For Cymru event and how you can be involved can be found at the Making Music Wales website

    Thanks for your interest - Diolch am eich diddordeb
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    Let's get this straight.

    You want us to play carols outside the fashionable eateries of Cardiff Bay to celebrate the proud tradition of amateur music making in Wales? For our very survival?

    I'd love to come down and help out Craig and the boys, but I'll be out playing carols with my band to help cover the anticipated loss of literally tens of pounds that we'll lose when funding for arts in Wales evaporates as expected and everyone has to go and find proper jobs.
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    Carols For Cymru

    A brief response:

    Carols For Cymru has been organised in a direct attempt to raise the profile of brass bands in Wales, and this in direct response to recently raised, and widespread concerns over the situation brass banding currently finds itself in across Wales, and indeed the wider UK.

    Recent figures produced by Ty Cerdd revealed that the number of bands attending the annual Welsh Regional Championships has declined sharply over the past decade, and it is widely known that many bands across Wales are currently suffering, to a greater or lesser degree, with regard to membership (see this article by C. Brian Buckley on for further detail).

    Far from being an all encompassing solution to these issues, Carols For Cymru is intended merely as a way to ‘get the ball rolling’ in terms of stimulating discussion, activity and ultimately the forging of a national strategy to tackle the issues with which brass bands in Wales are currently faced.

    The Welsh media have been contacted with regard to the event, and therefore are now also aware of the wider issues outlined above - and what better time to do so of course than at a time of year when bands, by their very nature and the nature of their seasonal activity at this time of year (the Christmas carolling mentioned) are prominent, popular and highly visible to the general public.

    Everyone of course is entitled to their own opinion.

    On the other point raised by the way, for information the Arts Council of Wales supported the core activity of voluntary / amateur music across Wales (including brass bands) to the tune of some £372 880 last year.

    The announcement regarding the level of funding to be provided for 2011 will be released on Thursday.
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    A further update: Carols for Cymru was today featured on Wales Online, website of Media Wales and the national newspaper for Wales, the Western Mail. The article is by Karen Price, the newspaper's main arts & features editor

    You can view the article here, while further information on the event itself, and how you and other representatives from your band can get involved, can be found at the Making Music Wales website

    Thanks to all of those who have signed up so far :clap:
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    Can you give me the precise figure for Brass Bands and then average that out across the bands, please?

    I can assure you, it won't cover a coach to a local contest.

    Good luck with your event, Mr. Roberts. I believe it's next to the mug shop.
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    I hope to be at Carols For Cymru with my family any one else going?
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    URGENT - Event Cancelled

    With deep regret, due to the extreme adverse weather conditions across Wales, Making Music Wales and Ty Cerdd have been forced to take the unfortunate decision to cancel tomorrow evening's Carols For Cymru event at the Wales Millennium Centre.

    Both organisations would like to offer their sincere thanks to all those bands, individual musicians and singers who signed up to the event, and also all those who assisted in organising it, but following advice from external agencies, cancellation of the event was unfortunately unavoidable.

    Meetings will now be held early in the New Year to discuss a possible replacement for the event in the Spring of 2011, meanwhile further information on the activities of both Ty Cerdd and Making Music Wales, including full contact information for both organisations, can be found at their respective websites and

    Sincere apologies, but a very Merry Christmas, to all - ymddiheuriadau ond Nadolig Llawen i bawb.