Carnival of Venice

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  1. davidsait

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    There are two arrangements of the Arban version of Carnival of Venice for Bb cornet and band: Keith Wilkinson and Fred Muscroft.
    Does anyone have any insight on the differences between them?
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  2. Cornet

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    I've got one I had done for me for brass band which is for the version straight out of Arban's. It works well!
  3. Barry92

    Barry92 New Member

    I didn’t know Fred did one of Arban’s CofV. He definitely did one of Del Staiger’s version though.
    Keith W is a good musician, so his arrangement will be ok.
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  4. Barry92

    Barry92 New Member

    Who arranged yours?
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  5. davidsait

    davidsait Member

    Thanks Barry, useful to know.
  6. sop@55

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    God bless Fred. I recently asked to play Fred's "El Solista", and gave my MD , who worked with Fred for many years, the score to peruse. He came back a week later and said..." as an arranger he was a bloody good cornet player!" I leave the choice of arrangement up to you :).
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