Carlton Main sign euphonium player Rob Woods

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    Carlton Main has announced that Rob Woods has agreed to join them solo euphonium.

    As reported recently on 4BR, the 250 mile round trip to the GUS Band room was becoming more and more difficult and in the end was the main factor in Dave relinquishing his position with them.

    A spokesperson for Carlton Main told 4BR: "We are delighted that Gus's loss is our gain, and are excited that such an experienced player has decided to join our ranks and strengthen even further what has already become a very strong line up."

    The band meanwhile thanked Toni Howden who sat in the hot seat for both the British Open and the Nationals. :clap:

    The spokesperson added, "Toni performed magnificently, and will compliment Rob. The band are sure that together they will form a formidable partnership starting on the contest stage at Butlins in January."

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  2. Is he any good on the Harmonica????
  3. iaindrum

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    hahahahaha top class, but not as good as me like
  4. jondaw

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    Who is Dave?????
  5. iaindrum

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    Dunno, must be a type error as I just cut and paste this from 4 bars rest
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    Congratulations! Rob is a great signing and will definitely improve the band.

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