Carlton Main annouce conductor for Scottish Open

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  1. Carlton Main Frickley are pleased to annouce Allan Ramsay has agreed to take the band at the Scottish Open in November. Everybody at Carlton Main are looking forward to working with Allan who brings a wealth of experience and success with him. In the meanwhile we are busy preparing for Pontins and concerts at the forthcoming Brassfest at Elsecar Heritage Centre and Wath Grammar School.
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    A flurry of (way)off-topic posts have just removed from this thread, please stick to the original subject folks!

    Best of luck to Frickley, and other competing bands, at the contest! ;)
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    I'm sorry, I thought this was a 'chat' forum!? Are we not allowed to chat to fellow banders, especially to those who are in the SAME band??

    Where's the fun in that dyl?
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    Yep - very shoddy!
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    At the risk of going off topic again, and please feel free to moderate Dyl, no, this is not a "chat" forum. That's what MSN messenger is for or even PM's on this forum. It is very annoying for someone who may have a genuine interest in either Carlton Main or Alan Ramsay to be watching the topic and seeing new replies posted, only to be met with a collection of drivel when they go to view it. If you must do this then please start your own drivel topic and don't hijack other ones, especially in the news section.
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    We have never promoted ourselves as a 'chat' forum - tMP is a discussion forum. There is a difference.

    A member of your band posted this story as a News Item - to inform the readers of your newly appointed MD for the Scottish Open. As a result, this story was seen on the front page of tMP. Users interested in knowing more about the news item would probably have clicked on it and were then faced with two pages of what can only be described as 'random'.

    If you want to 'chat' to fellow band members about various random things such as gold pegs, lucky heathers, bags of chips etc. then this thread is most definitely not the place to do it.

    Here's a choice for you - if you want to continue with this type of conversation I can always move the whole thread to our 'Completely Random' section - but then your news story will not be seen that way, will it?

    Your call......................

    Edit: Thanks, John!
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    It was only banter. I never realised you would take a chat, sorry, discussion between fellow bandsmen so seriously. Its quite disappointing really. Yeah, fair enough, I understand you want to keep the news news but to threaten to remove the topic altogether is a bit extreme, with the main reason being the random chat, sorry, discussion. I'm pretty sure most people would find it slightly amusing.

    But mainly, I'm sure the four people involved in the chat, sorry, discussion would like to apologise to the people who read through the posts and considered it drivel.

    I, as well as the band, are very much looking forward to rehearsing with Allan Ramsey for the forthcoming competition and we wish the best of luck to all the other competing bands.

    Thankyou please.