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    I'm not sure where to put this so I just put this in here <Mods can move this if they feel its not in the right place> I was wondering, are there any good careers in brass music? I just love to play and has been thinking lately if there are any the players in Black dyke,Brighouse & Rastrick band,etc..get paid? if so,how much? are there any good schools to study just brass banding music? thanks for the help!
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    Hi Ryan. I'm going to move this into the Rehearsal Room as I think it will attract more serious replies.
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    I don't know anyone who gets paid enough from band to live off- put it that way.
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    Hi Ryan

    I commend your enthusiasm and would encourage you not to lose this at least...:) There is not usually enough money in 'banding' for you to be able to survive with the all the usual bills etc with this as your only source of income. Yes, there is a small amount of money available for some players in some bands, and for MD's too of course, but if yo are fortunate to be paid to play, then you would need to supplement your income with another job.

    Many of our top banding musicians are tutors or teachers, and soe of the elite would also attract the well known brand names as sponsors - thus receiving income from them. One would assume they would also be guest soloists, playing in converts and at events where they are paid to appear. On top of this, the very best are loved by many people, and thus those 'fans' would be interested in purchasing CD's and other recordings etc. Income is also supplemented via sales etc.

    So - as you see, these are a few examples of how some of the very best players can earn their income. The better you are, the more you could earn.

    As for non-players; there are also careers in audio engineering, event promotion, PR etc - but not specifically for bands.

    Hope this helps.
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    no chance. the best-paid brass players in the world earn a pittance really considering their skill and dedication. doing it for the money is not something you often hear in brass band circles, retainer/travel expenses paid or otherwise.

    i've often thought that the life of a professional musician could neatly be combined with that of professional sportsman. two jobs that never clash (and could maybe even be said to complement each other in some ways), lots of variety, and a decent combined income. worth thinking about.
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    Possibly, but the audio industry's in a state of flux as well :(
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    Ever thought of the military?
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    The military is a good idea. Not for me personally, but it's one of the only jobs I can think of where you get paid a decent wage just to play, especially if you'd want to stick to the brass band sphere. They could sponsor you through university if you choose that particular career - you ask about specific institutions, Salford is probably the best knows in terms of its relationship to brass banding, and going back to the military you can choose a pathway through their training routes.

    Having recently completed a music degree, I'd have to give you a word of warning (without dampening your spirits hopefully!). The music world can be very competitive, especially on the playing front, so you really need to think about whether you want to continue a well-loved hobby into a career. I know I and many others have found it extremely difficult to get into a job relevant to the subject straight out of university.

    But if you've got the passion and dedication and are prepared to put some serious work in, then definitely go for it. I'm still waiting for this to happen to me, but getting a job in a field you love should be one of the most rewarding things you can do.