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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by sparkling_quavers, Jul 22, 2005.

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    Just looking for some advice really...

    I am thinking about a career change, although not sure what to at the moment. I have been teaching since I graduated a few years ago (firstly in a secondary school and this last year in an FE college). The problem is that work is FE in few and far between and mostly hourly paid (for contact time only). This means no holiday pay etc and overall a VERY poor annual pay. I can't even sign on when they are not paying me ! :eek::eek: I do actually enjoy the job I just can't live on this sort of money. I don't neccesarily want to be earning a fortune, infact I would be pretty happy in earning the starting teaching salary I originally had of about 18,000. I am on less than half that at the moment! :eek: I am sure I don't want to take another full time job in a school - I think my sanity is worth more than that. I can't continue to keep doing the FE stuff unless I can secure a full time position (unlikely and certainly not for Sep). So the option seems to be to look for something else. I have obviously got my degree which was in Anatomy and Cell Biology and many transferable skills from working in education but I really fancy running my own business or something similar. It has been crossing my mind that perhaps I should retrain in a trade. I am still pretty young (mid twenties) and am quite practical. I would be really looking for something where I could train on the job - and hopefully doesn't take 4 years to qualify! Anyone know about any fast-track training schemes for adults? Or anyone in South Manchester want to take on a trainee plumber/electrician?!?!
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    Have you thought about a part time/job share position while you train for something new? A friend of mine is working part time in admin at manchester university (dealing with a masters course...pointing students in right direction, photocopying course notes etc) but only has to do 4 mornings a week to cover the mortgage and beer funds and is using the rest of his time to train as a gas fitter (lots of money and potential for setting up your own company once corgi registered). Seems to be working out ok.
    Best of luck in whatever you decide to do, just dont go into scientific research...thats what we are all career-changing out of!
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    Have you ever considered a training role in a pharmaceutical company or equivalent? Many have internal departments for product/human physiology, business skills and basic personal skills training. This might suit your current skills and give you time to consider something else whilest earning a decent crust


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