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  1. deathalele

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    Where can i find the results for the cardiff ncbf please,
    also how did other people get on
  2. MoominDave

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    Everyone got gold awards in the open section - Kew (who I was helping out), Manchester University and Glee. Made a bit of a mockery of the concept, in my opinion, I must say. But then, perhaps I should have gone to a brass band contest instead...
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    So does "helping" a band out. At this festival all players have to be regular playing members and can't be brought in to help out. i took my band with several key players missing due to holiday and would have loved to have had some "helpers" but its not the done thing.

    Nevertheless, my band were delighted to get a silver award in the Wind band (Music Centres) category as it was our first time at the final, and our first time at the NCBF regional last November, and we hadn't been able to rehearse because of the Easter holidays. The timing of the festival was most odd!

    The results of the Music Centre Category were:

    Carrick Winds - Gold (52)
    Rochdale Youth Wind Band - Gold (55)
    Forest of Dean Area Wind Band - Silver (39)
    Worcester Area Music Centre - Silver (65)

    The numbers in brackets represent how many were in each band - an impressive number of kids all 19 and under giving up their last day of the holiday!

    Well done All!

    ps What did Gwynedd & Mon get Deathalele?
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  4. wilias

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    ps What did Gwynedd & Mon get Deathalele?[/quote]

    They also got a Gold award.
  5. deathalele

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    Hey wilias,
    being a local person do you play with us or do something with us?
  6. wilias

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    Yes,I work as a brass tutor/conductor for GYWM. At the moment I do the orchestral brass.