Cardiff County Council propose 100% cuts

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  1. Mr_Euniverse

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    A meeting was held on Thursday that resulted in proposals to cut the county music service (CCVGMS) by 100%.

    The County of Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Music Service (CCVGMS) is deep in history and has benefitted thousands of young people, including myself as it is where I started my training, in introducing them to music. These cuts would take away its inclusion and access for all students. The council MUST continue to support the Music Service in order for it to carry on its high quality of music tuition it offers.

    Please could as many people as possible sign the online petition. It takes literally 30secs. Something needs to be attempted to save this institution.

  2. Mr_Euniverse

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    We need all the help we can get. The council can't get away with this!

    Please guys could you spare 20secs and sign the petition?
  3. BassoProfundo

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    Signed. Good luck!!
  4. mikelyons

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    This is only the beginning. Sorry to sound an apocalyptic note, but Michael Gove is going to be entirely responsible for us becoming "Das Land Ohne Musik" yet again! There is no music or other arts subject in the Ebacc and many schools are already squeezing their music departments accordingly. I hope his head explodes and I would relish the opportunity to watch!
  5. Blower

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    Does Michael Gove have any jurisdiction in Wales?

    Shame if he doesn't as he's at last pulling the English education system into this century!
  6. I assume that's ironic comment?
  7. James Yelland

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    No, he doesn't. The person to whom complaints should be made is Leighton Andrews, the Welsh Minister for Education (no, I've never heard of him either).
  8. Mello

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    Signed , hope the petition is successful.
  9. RossAB

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    Complaints that he is unlikely to listen to as the cuts are being made by councils run by his own party.
  10. jpbray

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    Signed. This is why the banding movement is so very important. Because at its core is the long history of providing the opportunity for the ordinary person in the street to make music.
  11. James Yelland

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    Yes - and no. Brass bands do indeed provide an opportunity for the 'ordinary man in the street to make music' - provided they can play an instrument in the first place. What they don't do in any co-ordinated way worthy of the description 'movement' is teach people to play music. There are isolated cases of individual organisations with training bands, of course, but to the best of my knowledge there are no national or regional training schemes in existence, and never have been (although I'll await correction on this point). That's why bands are generally so reliant on state-funded education systems to provide the new blood, which is what the petition mentioned in this thread is about. It's just another facet of why the banding movement is so very...non-existent.
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