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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by bbg, Apr 9, 2008.

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    I gather that there's some discussion as to whether Cardiff City will be able to play in Europe next season should they win the English Cup. Can someone clarify whether this is an English FA or UEFA rulebook situation? Must be English system in my view as Derry City played in the UEFA Cup last season (and thankfully thumped Gre£na who at that time still thought they were a real football club!). Londonderry is in the North of Ireland but Derry play in the League of Ireland, ie in the Republic - so they technically do not even play in Britain but in a "foreign" competition. Precedent there?
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    Yes, I'm watching this one keenly given the ambitions of my own club. As far as I can make out its an English FA rule, but probably pressured by UEFA. The FA state that Welsh clubs cannot qualify for Europe via an English competition. They have their own Welsh competitions which allow a qualifying route. In my view this is a bit harsh on clubs like Cardiff and Swansea who have been part of the English league setup for as long as I can remember. According to the FAW website both Cardiff and Swansea are registered with them but surely they would also have to be registered with th FA to take part in English league competitions.

    According to a statement on the FA website they have not ruled out the possibility of Cardiff qualifying for the UEFA cup via the FA cup. They expect a decision by the end of April. Personally I think UEFA will make an exception in this case and let them in. That will give Celtic and Rangers a wee bit of ammunition though and both those clubs will no doubt be watching this one closely.
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    To the best of my knowledge when the FAW set up its own league system, allowing qualification to Europe Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham were offered the chance to join the League of Wales, but turned it down to stay within the English League system. I assume because they felt the financial rewards would be greater. And although they were advised they could not qualify for Europe via the English leagues I suspect they never thought they would get into Europe anyway!

    As for Rangers & Celtic, if they were to compete in England and be able to qualify from English competitions, there is no certainty they would do! I suspect if Champions League qualification is what both Celtic and Rangers crave they are better staying in Scotland to be certain of it.
  4. Thirteen Ball

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    I don't think it's a good idea if I'm honest.

    No disrespect intended at all to cardiff, it's a fantastic achievement for any team to reach an FA cup final - let alone a lower-division side.

    But Cardiff would effectively be representing england in the competition - which surely can't be right. Welsh teams should qualify through the welsh league and cup system. And as I understand it, both Cardiff and Swansea were invited to join the welsh league, but declined.

    If they'd decided to play in the welsh league, they could probably have had european football every year. As it is, they've made their beds and should have to lie in them.

    But Uefa are soft, and the English FA are spineless, so they'll be let in, I practically gurantee it.

    If it just goes down to locality, aren't Berwick rangers actually an english club who play in scotland? So in theory if a similar situation presented itself with them contesting a scottish cup final, they wouldn't be able to qualify for europe either? Or does the SFA not have that rule?

    As for Rangers and Celtic joining the English league - no problem. They can Qualify for it the same way any english team would.... Through the non-leagues. ;)
  5. johnmartin

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    Berwick on Tweed is actually within England but the club are registered with and play in the Scottish league. If a similar situation occurred then I don't think it would be any problem Berwick would be put forward as Scotlands representatives if thy won the Scottish Cup. As I said Cardiff are actually shown on the FAW website as members of that association. Berwick, as far as I am aware are not registered with the FA, only with the SFA.

    Lets not hijack this thread with this particular discussion. Start a new one if we wish to discuss this. :)
  6. Thirteen Ball

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    Agreed. That was a slightly unecessary aside! :) Could merit another thread though....

    In a way I suppose the Scottish system regarding Berwick is fairer - albeit mainly because the club have no association with the English FA.

    Using that as our example the answer for Cardiff and Swansea appears simple. If they sever all ties with the FAW, the FA will HAVE to send them into europe if they win the cup.

    Funny sort of halfway-house situation though, being registered with two football associations isn't it?

    I'm surprised that's even legal under fifa regs, as wouldn't it mean each player holding two registries?
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  7. johnmartin

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    Yep, even brass bands are better organised than that. :)
  8. LeDragon

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    And Wrexham. Why does everyone always forget about the North Walian club (other than Chunky).
  9. dyl

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    They might be regretting that decision now................. ;)
  10. LeDragon

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    Relegation isn't the end of the world and if Wrexham do go down (which is highly likely), they will be back!
  11. Thirteen Ball

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    I suppose, like so much in football it all comes down to money.

    So depressing, but true....

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