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  1. Just had a guy come to pay his rent in cash to my office as his bank have closed his account. The reason for this is that the bank noticed £900 being withdrawn in different locations over three days in London (the man lives in Manchester and has not been to London recently). It turns out that it is most likely that his card has been cloned. The bank think that this has probably happened in the cash machines in the Trafford Centre.
    Just thought I'd post a warning to be wary of this kind of stuff, particularly as I know a few of you live up this end and may use the cash machines in and around the Trafford Centre.
  2. sparkling_quavers

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    thanks for the warning!
  3. Matt-Trom939

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    Ive also heard of that sought of stuff happening.
  4. Scoobydoo

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    Something simillar to this has happened whilst using chip and pin machines at Shell petrol stations.... Shell have withdrawn all there chip and pin machines and have gone back to signing a receipt.

    There's always some con merchant hiding round every corner !!
  5. Bungle

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    Just to clarify, they didn't clone the chip, I think they modified the readers so that they logged the data on the magnetic strip.

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