canon - pachelbel

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  1. Hi
    We have to play this for a wedding soon, for the bride to enter to. Loads of arrangements out there, can someone recommend an effective straightforward arrangement which would be suitable?
    thanks as always
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  4. Aussie Tuba

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    Canadian Brass do a good 5 part arrangement too.
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    What he said! Is it Full band? The CB version a great arrangement but in my experience doesn't get played much because bass players hate it!
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    We have a full brass band arrangement that was done for my wedding, although it hasn't made it onto our website yet... PM me if you're interested

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    We play that version in our quintet, and yes, I do (hate it, that is!!) :D
    (I have fallen asleep whilst rehearsing it before now!!) :oops:

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    Because a part is boring to play doesn't mean it isn't good to listen to hey. I love Canon but I know what you mean about falling asleep while playing it. But it sounds Great.
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    Sorry, didn't make myself clear initially! :) I love listening to Canon, it's a fantastic piece of music, it's just that the "Ground Bass" part bores me to tears! :biggrin: