Cannabis Rant

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  1. Am in a mood to rant - Sorry Youth council and student council hat on here, but would be interesting to know what people think about this in general . . .

    Cannibis and the reclassification - to all you (supposidly) powerful people - i think you should be aware that it is not only young people who are affected!?!

    I am sure you have all heard about the reclassifocation of cannabis from a class B to a class C on the 29th January.
    I am outraged - not about the reclassification of it, but at the attitudes of those in power.
    in this article (and its by no means just the bbc who are guilty of this) it says about young people and how they are worried about how they may be confused by this change

    "The £1m campaign from the government's drugs information service, Frank, warns young people that possession is still a criminal offence."

    (not entirerly sure who frank is tho. . .)

    but come on, a young person is defined by the government as under 25, how many people know of people over this age that smoke pot, i bet quite a few of us. So do these people not need to be warned!?!

    "Two-and-a-half million leaflets outlining the latest drugs laws will be distributed.

    Information packs promoting the message will be sent to all schools drug advisors, drug action teams, drug charities, health organisations and student unions."

    (Glad to see they are using our money on something usefull)

    The channel four news on wednesday reported on this issue and they were concerned that young people may get the message wrong that is being given out by the government.
    (and they havnt replied to me "nicely worded" email yet)

    Well i asked my mum what she thought was happening and she was wrong, therefore being confused (and all respect to my mum) she is not a young person.

    The ITV seem to be the only ones who do not mention young people

    "Newspapers and radio stations will carry adverts warning that the drug is harmful to health. Millions of leaflets will be also be handed out explaining the new arrangements."

    What is happeneing as far as i can tell (and please someone correct me if i am wrong) it is being moved from a B to a C as they have decided it should not be classed the same as anphetimines (sorry about the spelling), and is being moved in with Steriods and Antidepressants.
    However it is still can be an arrestable offence, and dealers can be given longer jail sentances for it.

    Why when they decide to tell the public about the reclassification didnt they tell us this aswell? would have saved so much hassle. after all they did decide last october.
    (A little bit to much last minute thought here me thinks)

    If found with cannabis on you, you can be given a warning, however if it is not you first time then you can be arrested (how the hell do the police officers know this)

    I understand that there are alot of young people that smoke this but there are also alot of not so young people as well. I also understand that there are alot of health risks.

    What was my point

    ohh yeah

    Are they basically saying that young people are stupid, and that every other part of society do know what is happening?

    I also understand that there are alot of health risks. but why just target young people.

    Why are they pigeon holing young people when there are clearly other people at risk here as well, why just target young people when they need to also look at the bigger picture.


    had to get that off my chest 8)

  2. lynchie

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    good points, however, the majority of cannabis users start in their teens or early twenties, therefore if they DO target young people it is in an effort to stop them starting. People who have been smoking for more than 10 years or so probably aren't going to be all that bothered by the adverts!

    Other thing is, the reason for the reclassification is to make the policing more suitable. Before it was an arrestable offence to be carrying any amount of cannabis, now you can get a warning for a small amount, saving the police time and money.
  3. Steve

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    Once had an incident in the tearaway college days where a policeman caught me and some friends with some cannabis, it was cunningly divided up into money bags for ease of sale. There was a serious drug problem in my town and the police had become more lenient as they were targeting 'hard' drug dealers and when questioned about our cannabis we said the bags were not for selling but for each day of the week. A polite warning and off we went. :lol:

    Maybe they should sell it in supermarkets as a taxable item, then we can buy our soldiers some armour!!!!!
  4. BigHorn

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    Wow, you were in a strop when you wrote that. Perhaps you should spliff up and chill a little.
    I actually agree that young people should be targeted. Its not because they are stupid, its simply because they are more likely to use it. Ok some older people use it but not nearly as many. Beleive it or not, the use of cannabis is often just a phase people go through - more a social activity than anything else. When I went through my university days and early twenties I often indulged. But as you grow up, move jobs, meet different people, start a family etc. it is way way down your list of priorities. Personally its 20years or more since I last smoked a joint. I've never missed it, it was just one of lifes rich experiences.
    Young people should be targetted as it might prevent some from taking it up. Highlighting the health problems might help others give it up. Older people who still indulge are probably lost causes so why waste the argument on them.
    I did not agree with the reclassification of cannabis to a lower category. This has just led to confusion, with some people thinking it is 'decriminalised'. Whilst I agree its use is fairly benign, compared with other drugs in its class, there is no doubt that its use often leads on to harder drugs - if only because you are exposed to the people using/peddling the harder stuff. There is not one heroin addict that did not start their 'career' in drugs by smoking dope.
  5. bruceg

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    I think maybe the government have just given up on us older folks. After all, you can't teach an old dog new tricks, or so they say ;)
  6. The main thing that started my rant was the insinuation from channel 4 that only young people were confused and things just spiraled from there.

    I do agree that young people need to made aware, but so do the not so younguns aswell.
    Simply because if they were already users by changing the class they may think its leggal when it fact it isnt.

    (ohh and i have chilled now, i think i was on a chocolate high after not eating touching the stufff or about a week and then eating M&Ms :roll:)
  7. bruceg

    bruceg Active Member

    If they were already users when they knew it was illegal then the chances are that they don't care much at all about the re-classification.

    As for the insinuation that youngsters are stupid, hasn't that always been the way of things when "wise old leaders" decide to enlighten youth? :)

    Glad you're feeling better after your chocolate imbalance - here's hoping they don't re-classify that particular drug...
  8. i know this is a serious thread..........

    but, in a South Park-esque Mr.Garrison accent:

    'Kids, drugs are baaaad'
  9. geordiecolin

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    As has been previously stated, I think a lot of emphasis is being put upon children regarding this change in the law becaue they are seen as vulnerable. A lot of cannabis smokers start when they are "young" and hence the govt sees it as paramount that kids are clear when it comes to the change in the law.

    I went to a school, which whilst not being by any stretch of the imagination rough, had a certain prelevance of Cannabis use. PE after lunch always meant getting changed in a post-playtime haze of tac smoke! I don't think "adults" often appreciate the level of correct knowledge that young people have regarding drugs. I would say that 8 out of 10 kids are more factually accurate than their parents.

    With regards to the actual law, I think a heck of a lot of fuss is being made over nothing. A downgrading of Class will change very little. I think the amunt of extra people who will use cannabis solely due to the lower class will be minimal. If people want to use it, they will, regardless of class.

    Another interesting thought is this;
    listen to "The Irony of it All" by "The Streets" on "Original Pirate Material".
    Is a somewhat satirical look at Cannabis vs Alcohol with a stoned student sitting at home smoking a spliff playing Gran Turismo harming nobody arguing with a drunken lairy lout whos lookiing for a fight! Very funny, very well done and makes, in my opinion several extremely valid points.

    Incidentally, I don't use tac and never have done, cos it just doesn't appeal to me and involves smoking. However, I would much rather someone smoked a spliff next to me than a cigarette.....
  10. Dan

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    I totally agree, a lot of fuss is being made over the law and what you now can and can't do. Not a lot will change really. It is an individual choice, you either smoke it or you don't. The End :?
  11. spookybiking

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    free the weed.

    dont drink and drive smoke the dope and fly.

    I bet theres loads of you that done it grown ups in your younger days.
  12. aimee_euph

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    just because it's not legal and they're reinforcing the change in drug class doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to care.

    These two and a half million leaflets will no doubt end up on bedroom floors and dust bins.
  13. super_sop

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    On a slightly diferent (8), i would like to see thje introduction of testing drivers for drugs aswell as drink.

    after seeing a "friend" of mine smoking a joint and then getting in his car in no fit state to drive, i think its somthing that should be done asap
  14. HBB

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    So, you think there are no concequenses then?
  15. jambo

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    Incidentally, I don't use tac and never have done, cos it just doesn't appeal to me and involves smoking. However, I would much rather someone smoked a spliff next to me than a cigarette.....[/quote]

    Why? Because it smells nicer? Its still smoking and that is the harm causing factor regarding cannabis. A possibility a paranoia and schizophrenia can be linked to the weed but to date no-one has died as a direct result of taking cannabis itself.

    Alcohol on the other has been mentioned.
    And how would banding survive without a drink or two?