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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by craigster, Jun 30, 2004.

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    For anyone interested, The Canadian Staff Band's 35th Anniversary concert was recorded live and will be the main concert on CBC Radio Two on July 1st (Canada Day!!!!) at 1:06 pm EST. I believe that is 6:06 GMT.

    You can listen on the internet at by clicking on the Radio Two listen button.

    The program features Jens Lindemann (trumpet), Curtis Metcalf (euph), guest conductors Norman Bearcroft and Brian Burditt, as well as a massed alumni band.

    The play list is:

    Wreath of Courage
    Joshua Swings the Battle (featuring Jens)
    Botanicus (featuring Curtis)
    Kingdom of God
    Concerto D'Aranjuez (featuring Jens)
    Riverdance (featuring Jens)
    The Last Amen
    Montreal Citadel
    Glorious Liberation (featuring Curtis)
    Londonderry Air
    Someone to Watch Over Me
    Reflections in Nature
    Soul Bossa Nova (featuring both Jens and Curtis)

  2. Alarm has been set.............I have to be up early, so will be a good change from usual BBC radio and coffee...........
  3. craigster

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    Don't get up too early - it is 6:06 pm GMT.

    Sorry for any confusion!
  4. PM is even better................ I am off to France for a wedding, leaving home about 8pm.

    Looking forward to that.
  5. Razor

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    Great, looking forward to listening to some of the broadcast.

    Unfortunately I'll miss the latter part as I have to leave for band practice.


    Pity as I would love to hear Glorious Liberation from Curtis, I used to have a recording of him playing it but unfortunately have misplaced the tape. Great solo and a world class player!!

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