Canadian Brass - UK Concert

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  1. brassyboy

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    Canadian Brass...........

    In concert at the:

    Gala Theatre in Durham on July 15th.

    Free lunchtime performance too!

    Check them out on youtube if you have not seen them perform!

    Tickets on sale now from the Gala theatre or website:

    I wanted to make sure you did not miss this opportunity to see their only UK concert so have put it here so that it did not get lost in the Brass thread.

    If you have seen Canadian brass would be interested in your coments!


    As Canadian Brass are rather special you may be wondering if you can travel up/down to see them. To help some of you make up your mind we have managed to get a number of rooms in Halls of Residence at Durham University at very good prices both en suit single and twin.

    Groups who want a cheaper deal (maybe school band trip) we have rooms sharing a bathroom at very good price indeed.

    These are also available during the rest of the BRASS Festival and the Miners Gala so contact for details.

    We have already had a number of enquires so don't leave it too late to get in on this if you need it.

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  2. brassyboy

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    After a delay we are pleased to say tickets have NOW! gone on sale

    BRASS is pleased to announce tickets for Canadian Brass are now available.

    Due to a slight problem tickets did not go on sale as indicated in first post, however you will be pleased to know they are on sale direct from the Gala Theatre and the Brass wedsite.

    Thank you all those that have been waiting and sorry for the delay.

    This is going to be one great concert!
  3. youngblood

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    This is what you call entertaining ..something to be learnt!

    OK so you entererd the 'Entertainment Contest' Think you did a good job feel proud of how you performed and wonder what on earth you could do to top that? Well the answer is simple you should go and see acts like Canadian Brass or Mnozil and you will realise there may well be a long way to go before you can call it a day.

    This is musicianship and entertainment value all rolled into one and you will know a lot more about making brass entertaining by just watching the experts at work, don't believe me? Then go and see for yourself and let me know what you think.
  4. youngblood

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    I have just been watching Canadian Brass on Youtube and they are great! In a way it is like Mnozil wonderfuly entertaining and also great brass playing.

    I am just so excited to have Canadian Brass and so much good playing on my doorstep and not have to wait another year then go to somewhere like London and pay a fortune to see them.


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