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    Mode for…. is encouraging bands and brass groups across the world to join it this Christmas in supporting International Community Assist (ICAUK), by simply playing a specially written and arranged carol entitled Tom and Hannah’s Carol.
    ICAUK is a small charity with its headquarters located in Devizes, Wiltshire assisting Northern Albanian Communities' development with the direct alleviation of hardship with humanitarian aid and development such as clothing, medical items, income support, child and adult education and vocational training, income generation and the provision of general information and advice, all designed to help communities work themselves out of poverty through self reliance.
    Tom and Hannah’s carol was written by a grandfather to explain to his grandchildren how children are affected during war and the proceeds from the Christmas carol appeal will benefit people of conflict in Albania, Bosnia and Kosovo.
    ICAUK’s original intention was for people to download and sing the carol and make a collection or donation every time it was performed; the money then going to front line work. However, Mode for..... suggested to ICAUK that the carol be arranged for brass, in the hope that brass players around the world will help to raise funds for such a worthwhile cause.
    All the music and further information on the appeal, the carol story and donation information is available to download from Mode for’s music website at and its main website at and further information on ICAUK can be found at

    Many thanks for your support
    the Mode for.... team and ICAUK
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    how does this work? We play a charity concert (or for us brass groups a busk) with tom and hannah's carol and donate the profits to ICAUK? I am a little confused.
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    Thanks for the interest. Yes, it is as simple as that. If you do a small collection or just a donation and then send a cheque direct to ICAUK, details of which are on their website or on the music download. We are just relying on the goodwill of people for small donations and hoping people enjoy playing it.
    Thanks again

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