can you draw a bass?

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    An unusual request I know but it's Stan's 50th Birthday on 17 April and I need to make a cake for his party. What I need is a picture of a Bb bass, It needs to be 4-6 inches in height with quite bold outlines something in the style of a childs colouring book page.I can the reproduce it in icing. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it
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    Thanks but not quite bold enough lines in the tubing. Basically I have to pipe the outlines using black icing and the "colour in" using thin yellow icing. The whole lot is then left to dry before being peeled of the paper and placed on the cake, so the lines of the drawing have to be thick and clear enough for me to pipe over them without them merging into each other and still have enough space in colour them in with the thin icing
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    Cant you take a picture of Stan's bass Michelle?
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    I've managed to find a clip art one I can use but thanks for the suggestions

    I couldn't use a photo as it would be too complicated to reproduce in icing. It's far easier with something like a colouring page or a piece of clipart