can you do this on your instrument

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Forest Gump, May 16, 2007.

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    no idea about if it's possible on brass, but my instrument is a flute!!!
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    I'm glad I don't have to wash his t-shirts....eeeuuww! :eek:

    Awesome stuff though :clap:
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    I have Mr. Baadsvig explaining how he does this on YouTube ...

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    Although Mr Baadsvig is very good at that, it is not the same, the first dude was beatboxing whilst playing whereas Mr Baadsvig is using his tuba to create the percussion sounds, still very cool though!!!

    I sometimes do Abide With Me, playing the bass line and singing the melody. it is very difficult to keep both parts in tune so full credit there. what he is doing is immensely difficult!!!
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    He 'lipsmacks' the mouthpiece and imitates sounds with his voice through the tuba so I thought this qualified as beatboxing. Nope?
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    No, though very close, beatboxing is where you use absolutely no instruments to produce the percussive sound, by lip smacking the mouthpiece, he is using the tuba to create the sound, instead of creating it with his voice box. Hence it being very close but not quite beatboxing
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    erm, isn't the tuba an amplifier the same as the mic would be for the singer? :rolleyes:
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    Nein, beatboxers don't need a mic to create their sounds
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    I tried (sigh!) :roll:

    (and that's why Oystein calls his method 'lip percussion')
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    I once thought beatboxers couldn't do it without a mic and that they couldn't do it without, till my mate (who was a beatboxer) showed me otherwise (In the middle of Maccies :oops: )
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    -saying that, there is an artist that I've been trying to track down called the 'Human Orchestra' (Kenny Muhammad). I still haven't got the album yet!
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    I tried 2 beatbox on my flute! that is really hard to do!!