Can I open my Itunes account on my new laptop?

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    I am a happy Fi today, my laptop arrived at 8.20 this morning and I'm having looots of fun! I'd like to know if I can open my itunes account on my laptop? and if so errrmmm how? :tongue:

    thanks muchly
    Happy Fi
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    Yes, but it's not neceassarily the smoothest interface. You have to have the computers networked together, and the source iTunes has to have sharing enabled.

    You also have to enter the new computer on as authorized to play your purchased music, or those tracks will refuse to play on the second computer. I believe that the iTunes license allows you to copy purchased music to up to five computers.

    I have three computers, and I gave up on the iTunes sharing early on. I keep my music library on an external USB hard drive, and when I want to copy something from the main office desktop to the laptop I simply plug that drive into the laptop. I don't keep all of my music library on the laptop, because it takes up too much drive space (around 15 Gb at the moment). If you're going to be syncing with an iPod, remember to use the manual update method because the automatic one will want to keep erasing the whole iPod when you update from a different computer.
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    I'm glad to see it's not just me then !

    I tried to move my daughters iTunes from one laptop to another and gave up (much to here anniyance !)
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    Am a tad busy now - but later tonight I will post details as to how to transfer your music from one PC to the other or how to get the songs on your iPod to your new PC.

    FI: how many songs do you have? what's the GB size of your mp3 collection?
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    Apple are a royal pain the back passage when it comes to removing essential user functions, such as this, in the name of copyright protection. It's not even necessary - all they're doing is preventing people that have paid for their music from doing what they want with it. Pirates don't have their music locked into one machine because it's not infected with DRM (Digital Rights Management) "crippleware".

    It makes me quite mad....

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    Only if you insist on using AAC format. MP3 doesn't have all the DRM baggage and is a breeze to move between machines.
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    Can you buy things from iTunes in MP3 then? I thought everything came through in their version of aac. I've never used it though so I may be wrong
  8. TheMusicMan

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    A Simple Guide to Avoid Having iTunes Delete the iPod Library
    For those of you who are constantly asking how to transfer music from the iPod because you have lost your music library for various reasons, here are some tips and advice for you to try and preserve your library and iTMS downloads.

    When using the iPod and iTunes you can avoid having iTunes erase your iPod contents by doing some very simple things until Apple makes some change to the iPod/iTunes synchronization process by turning off the automatic synchronization completely.

    If your computer hard drive and/or your iPod hard drive crashes you need to first and foremost make sure that your music library is backed up to:
    A) An external hard drive or
    B) Blank CD's - data CD's - best for preserving tag info & audio quality if you need to import the songs back to computer
    C) Blank DVD's - which hold 4.7 GB of data

    At minimum you need to at least make sure the songs you have downloaded are immediately burned to a blank disk to preserve the songs in case of a computer hard drive crash or virus infection -hey, it happens.

    Some simple instructions for iPod owners as to avoid the catastrophy of losing your iPod library is to:

    1- Burn All Songs To A CD After You Have Finished Downloading
    Always remember to back up your iTMS songs to a disk after you have downloaded them onto your computer. This way if anything happens you will always be able to transfer the songs back onto the computer. I think it's a good idea to make Audio CD's as your main copy. Apple does not allow you to redownload your iTMS songs if you lose, destroy, or damage the Product, and Apple will be without liability to you in the event of any loss, destruction, or damage. You can read more about the Usage Rules here.

    2- When Using iPod on Two or More Computers
    If you are using the iPod on more than one computer or using more than one iPod on a computer, then set the iPod to "manually manage songs and playlists" (Edit>Preferences>iPod - while you have it connected to the computer) and this will keep it from automatically synchronizing with iTunes and erasing all of the songs on the iPod.

    If you can't use iTunes on your work/second computer then use an app that goes onto the iPod hard drive like:

    1- YamiPod (PC & Mac compatible) -
    2-SharePod (windows only) -

    When you connect it to the computer just open the iPod to execute the program and make sure that iTunes is closed since some programs will not run while iTunes is accessing the iPod.

    3- Do Manually Manage Songs and Playlists
    I would also highly suggest that you turn off automatic synchronizing the iPod with iTunes. Even if you autotomatically sync the iPod and when finished before you eject the iPod go to Edit>Preferences>iPod>General tab, select the manual setting. This way if the only place you still have songs are on your iPod you will not have to worry about it auto syncing with iTunes and deleting your iPod contents. It's a safe setting.

    4-Stopping the Automatic Synchronization
    If you have no songs in iTunes and the only place you have a copy of your songs is on your iPod then:
    a)connect the iPod to the computer
    b) immediately press and hold the Shift + Alt + Ctrl keys (if on a Mac it's Command + Option)
    c)hold these keys for about 3 seconds after the iPod appears in the source list pane before releasing.

    5- Avoid Having iTunes Erase Your iPod
    Do not ever connect the iPod to iTunes if it is set to auto sync and your iTunes library is empty or some of the songs are not in your iTunes library but are only stored on the iPod because it will erase the iPod's contents. Use the above instructions listed in #4 and then #8 to copy music back to the computer.

    6-Software to Use on the iPod Hard Drive
    Here are some softwares that can be stored and used on the iPod hard drive so you can play music, transfer songs from the iPod to the computer as well as other things depending on the software.

    One is SharePod for windows only and there is also one called PodPlayer
    and this is for windows only and there is also
    YamiPod - this software can transfer music from and to the iPod (there are others but this is the only one that will transfer music onto the iPod). It has two restore features, two search features and will find lost music files. This is for both Mac's (OS 10.2 & 3) and Windows (98SE and later).

    7-Recovering Songs Deleted From iPod
    You can see this thread here: Data Recovery a How To

    Also YamiPod does song recovery.

    8- How to copy songs from iPod to PC
    Without the need of software:
    See this thread for the step-by-step instructions.

    With the use of software:

    For both Mac & PC you can use PodUtil which will copy playlist also but you must pay a fee for full use here:

    YamiPod freeware (PC & Mac compatible) and iPod Access Now supports video and podcast transfer. For YamiPod put a check in the box under preferences>other tab for videos and podcasts to transfer back to the computer.

    For Mac only you can use Senuti:

    File Buddy will allow Mac users access to the iPod HD hidden folders if need be:

    iPod2Mac will allow you to copy the hidden folder music files for free:

    9-Using Windows 98, 98SE & Windows ME w/an iPod

    Windows 98 & 98SE:

    Window ME

    10-Understanding symbols next to songs or playlists in iTunes

    Apple document: Understanding the Symbols Next to Songs

    iPod 101/201 Tutorials

    The full listing of guides can be accessed by scrolling down here.

    11-Transfer playlists from iPod to iTunes When they exists on iPod only
    You must be in auto sync mode for this to work:
    1- Take the playlist title and highlight it.
    2- Then press the center button until the 'title' flashes rapidly.
    3- This creates an On-The-Go playlist out of the playlist.
    4- You can then add more songs to the playlist.
    (To delete songs from the OTG playlist just highlight and press the center button until you see the song flash rapidly then let go. This will delete the songs from an On-The-Go playlist only. This will not delete songs from a regular playlist.)
    5- When you connect the iPod to the computer the playlist will be transferred to iTunes.
    6- This is good for when you have accidently deleted your playlist from iTunes and it only exists on the iPod.
    You can use the above to add more songs to a particular playlist on your iPod or delete songs from a playlist.

    This will not work if the iPod is set to manual mode though. You will have to transfer the playlists from the iPod to the computer. This will still create doubles of those songs in the library but the playlist songs will be tagged and you can use the Smart Playlist option to recreate that playlist and/or burn it to a disk. If you want to keep the list in iTunes then uncheck all the songs in that list then you can remove the checked copy if you like.

    12-To Recreate A Playlist
    To make it easier to recreate playlists tag the grouping or comments section of the songs in that list.

    1- In iTunes, go to the playlist and highlight the title in the source list column
    2- Then go to Edit>Select All to highlight all the songs in that playlist.
    3- Right click on the highlighted songs
    4- Select 'get info' and click 'ok'
    5- When the window opens type in the title of the playlist in the 'grouping' section. If your doing this for all your playlist one downside is when you have the same song(s) in multiple playlists. That song will be in whichever list you do this for last and will not appear in the others.
    6- Then close. If you need to recreate this playlist in the future just use the 'Smart Playlist' option.

    NOTE: To see which playlists a song appears in just right click on the song and select "show in playlist" and all the playlist that the song is in will be listed there.

    Note2: You can tag the songs that you have in multiple playlists by putting all of the other playlist titles in the comments section of that song so that you will know all of the other playlists to add it to but you must use the regular playlist option. Expose & click on the comments section in the main library and then you can highlight, drag-n-drop the songs into the playlist and then add the songs that are in multiple lists.

    This option is also good when your using 'manual mode' to manage your iPod. Connect your iPod and do the above directly on the iPod. You will still have to transfer the songs back to the computer to save the playlist. Then you can transfer the songs from that playlist to the computer using 3rd party software so that you will only have to transfer the songs in that one list unless your transferring your entire library back to the computer. When you do you can easily remake your playlist(s) using the Smart Playlist option.

    File>Smart Playlist and when it opens:
    1- Grouping > is > (title of playlist here)
    2- Check the box and add a number that is more than the total number of songs in the list.
    3- Add the number in the space provided.
    Leave the rest and click 'ok' and the list will be recreated. Marking the songs tags with this information makes it a whole lot easier to remake the playlists if anything should go wrong.

    If you do this with each playlist that you want to keep it won't be a problem to recreate the list when you're using manual mode to manage your iPod.

    NOTE: Also the PDF file creator (link listed below) can be used to copy the smart playlist rules you've created.

    13-Adding & Deleting Songs From Existing Playlists On The iPod On-The-Go
    If you want to add songs to a playlist or even delete songs from existing playlist what you have to do to achieve this is:

    1-In the playlist section of the iPod highlight the playlist title.
    2-Press & hold the center button until it flashes rapidly to create an On-The-Go playlist with the existing playlist.
    3-Once that's done just go through the list:
    __(A)To delete a song press & hold the center button until it flashes rapidly.
    __(B)To add a song to the list just find the song and press & hold the center button until it flashes rapidly.
    NOTE:When done you will be taken back to the top of the OTG playlists.

    When your finished all you need to do is save the playlist. If you want a song at the top of the playlist you will have to wait until you connect it to the computer to rearrange the list or create it in the order that you want manually (meaning song-by-song).

    14-Backing Up Your Library
    It is important to back up your library and not use the iPod as your only source to store your entire library. The iPod has a hard drive and hard drives can fail. It is very important to have your music stored in an additional way.

    1- Make sure all of your iTMS (iTunes Music Store) purchases are burned onto a blank disk after downloading. Use blank CD's and/or DVD's. You can find them at a discount price at various stores. This is the most inexpensive way to back up your library and DVD's hold much more data than CD's. When burning music files to a disk make sure you burn them as data disks to preserve the tags and artwork associated with the files. This option is also good for backing up the playlists you want to keep.

    2- Purchase an external hard drive to store your files. You can always find them on sale. Purchase one that is larger then your library so that you will have room for growth. As your library grows you won't have to purchase them so often.

    3- Read this article from the iPod 101/201 tutorials exposing some good advice as how to back up your music library:
    The Complete Guide to Backing Up iPod & iTunes Music

    Other articles and threads you should read are listed below:

    What are the iTunes library files?
    iTunes: How to backup and restore playlists
    How to get playlists back
    How iTunes remembers audio CDs
    How to back up your media in iTunes 5 or iTunes 6
    How to recreate your iTunes Library
    TUAW Tip: Get your podcasts out of iTunes
    "CutePDF Printer" - Freeware that will produce PDF files of your library for Windows.
    PDF Adder - Applescript to create PDF files for Mac users.

    Chipmunk: Klantenservice

    If you would like to have more information on your Macintosh (model, date of production, etc) then enter your serial number here. All the information that we can bring from the serial number will be shown to you. We support all Apple products including computers, laptops, monitors, printers and batteries.

    **The iPod is supported as well. Just put the iPod serial number in the space and click on the button below it. It will return you iPod information.
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    Nope, all AAC on iTunes I'm afraid. Can't say as I've ever used the store. All of my stuff is my own personal CD collection ripped at 192 using the MP3 encoding engine.
  10. rutty

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    Wow John, that's really, really useful. I might have a go with that information on my Girlfriend's PC this weekend.

    You should add that in as an article here you know ;)
  11. johnmartin

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    Looks like we hit the sarccy bone there then. Dude, I'm just trying to pass on some friendly advice to someone who may not be as much of a geek head as you or I. :)

    Somewhat back on topic. I've just had cause to do all this seeing as my USB drive decided to trash its heads last night. One new install of Anapod explorer and a dump from the iPod and it was all restored very quickly.
  12. rutty

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    Who's being sarccy? Me? Honestly I'm not - adding that to an article would be very useful to members of tMP. I've written a couple myself to try and provide some useful geeky information.

    My girlfriend's PC was reformatted recently and she had no way, that I knew of, to back up her iPod so the info that John's posted is right up my street.

    I can't use iTunes on Linux anway so I just don't know ;)
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    It will eventually change. I believe that France has enacted some legislation to force Apple to be compatible with rival players and vice versa.
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    John - I think the 'John' post that Dave was referring to was mine...:) I don't think our resident Mr Rutty knows how to be sarccy honestly. He's a true gent John, and I can personally vouch for that.
  15. johnmartin

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    Apologies Mr Rutty :)
  16. rutty

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    No worries fella. It didn't even register that there were other Johns here ;¬p
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    What !!!!... are there...? how dare they... :):biggrin: