Can anyone help me?

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    Hi i'm new to the site and hope someone on here maybe able to help.

    5months ago i moved to a small town called Chatteris and 2weeks ago i left my old band 'The Melton Band' as the driving and 1hr 30mins each way was getting to much. I would still like to play in a brass band but not sure where to look. I used to play Top Euph in my old band but we were only 4th section

    I have tried Chatteris band but they are ok for euphs at the moment. I would also need a band with a spare Euph as i had to give mine back.

    Thank you :)
  2. Ipswich trom

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    Have you tried Littleport? Ryan who is sometimes on here is a member and he lives in Chatteris. Also nearby is Waterbeach.
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    Hi! You're only a few miles from me. Welcome to the dismal fens! I am surprised Chatteris Band turned a player away as they're hardly Black Dyke. May I suggest a couple of possibilities?

    Somersham Town Band. About 5 miles away across the fen roads past The Crafty Fox pub. They rehearse twice a week (Thursday night and Sunday morning followed usually by a drinkie in the Black Bull :guiness). They used to be a contesting band, but haven't for a couple of years.

    March Brass 2000. Used to be March Railway Silver Band. Don't know much about them except that they used to practice on Mondays.

    Manea Silver Band. Carry on past Horseway until you come to (almost) the end of the world! They would be my top choice and if you hover over my playing experience, you'll see why! Very friendly non-contesting community band who will welcome you with open arms. There are a number of ex-Chatteris players there and you might be able to share lifts over. They practice on Mondays nights from 7 til 9. The Chairman, Billie King is a legend. PM me for details.

    Further up the banding Spectrum you've got:

    City of Cambridge (1st section)
    Soham Comrades (Championship section, but due to be relegated)
    Waterbeach Brass
    Fulbourn and Teversham RBL

    all within a few miles of Cambridge.

    I would not dream of discouraging you from going to Littleport, but I would bear in mind that it is further to drive in winter than in summer, due to the annual flooding of the Welney Washes!

    If it's top section banding you're after, you might struggle in East Anglia, but two good friends of mine from Chatteris go to Virtuosi GUS, so you might be able to hook up with Nigel and Sally Bramley. I'm not sure if this is still the case, but they were on the lookout for a baritone player.

    Please don't hesitate to get in touch for more information and contact details via the Personal Message option, or give me a call on 07947 467607.
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    Thank you for your replies to this. I know there are only two but you have given me some ideas. If anyone else any ideas please let me know.

    I'm not a Champion section player and would disappoint that band. I feel i should aim for a lower band to be honest.

    What are your thoughts?