Can A 2nd Section Band Play Resurgam?

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  1. Mattandali1

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    OK, Now we have all the results in, Does anyone think any of the second section bands did "Resurgam" justice? ..... Discuss
  2. simonium

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    Yes. From my point of view it takes a change of perspective and attitude, from the contesting athletics, but I would imagine there were numerous decent performances. I enjoyed working on the piece, but it's not something to be undertaken lightly or easily.
  3. stevetrom

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    about the same as 'can a 1st section band play Carnival Romain'

    of course they can, but not as well as a top championship section band
  4. Mattandali1

    Mattandali1 New Member

    I enjoyed it immensely too, but was really quite amazed at how badly it was played by some of the bands I listened to in Stevenage.
  5. simonium

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    If reporters or adjudicators are comparing the playing of Resurgam from a contest by a second section band to a recording then there are clearly going to be problems. I do however have in my possession recordings of Resurgam by top class bands which wouldn't have been out of place in the second section.
  6. The winning L&SC performance from Thundersley absolutely did it justice.
    (OK, maybe a little biased here as I was depping for them on 2nd Bari)

    But I come from a Salvation Army background and have heard all the top SA Bands play it and yes I think our (Thundersleys) performance did the music justice.
    Mr Wilby agreed! :D
    He was right in saying that many bands struggled, but he made it clear that our performance was 'up to scratch' and there was not a single negative on our notes and he ended them with "Thank you".

    I can't talk for other regions as I didn't hear any, but i'm sure countrywide the winning performances would have been of a good standard.
  7. Mattandali1

    Mattandali1 New Member

    Its challenging in musicality. And dynamics! And everything else!
    Was my first areas too!
    Baptism of fire.
  8. Mattandali1

    Mattandali1 New Member

    I didnt hear your performance as we were just before you, and finished 2nd!!!
    We worked on musicality and dynamics.

    I understand from many people who were there that only the top three in Stevenage made any dent in it.
  9. Ah, yes, we heard when we came off that yours had been the performace to beat.
    Glad we managed it! :D
    Everyone seemed to be saying it was 1 from 3 and Mr Wilby said in his speech (and I quote - roughly) "there were 3 good performances, with one of those a stand out performance, and beyond that I just heard a lot of the same"
    Earlier on he had said something along the lines of "it's all about wether the bands could make music of it today, and the answer is NO".
    A bit harsh I thought!

    To go back to your original question, I think there will have been a few bands in each region that made a good job of it, but plenty more who struggled.

    I agree with you that there were some shockers at Stevenage on Saturday though!
  10. I understand from many people who were there that only the top three in Stevenage made any dent in it.[/quote]

    Big respect to Thundersley, Northfleet & Becontree due then! :clap:

    See you in Cheltenham!
  11. Mattandali1

    Mattandali1 New Member

    I heard a lot of bands that had spent too much time learning to play the notes and not learning to play the music!
    Mind you, I hope the test piece for the nationals is as much of a pleasure to play!
    Its a good result for a man in his first areas!!!!
    The band is bouncing back after a few years in the doldrums. 13th last year!!
    This year 2nd and not a dep in sight!!
  12. Mattandali1

    Mattandali1 New Member

    Big respect to Thundersley, Northfleet & Becontree due then! :clap:

    See you in Cheltenham![/quote]

    Look forward to it. But weve got the wrong accent to do well there though! eh?
  13. David Pegram

    David Pegram Member

    i think the answer is yes BUT
    in London we only had 1 man in the box and i do think that if ever there was a piece open to personal interpertations this was it.
    We had good this good that very nice start very nice ending 15th LOL
    Great music enjoyed rehearsals but didnt match 1 persons ideas WRONG
  14. Ha ha, yes maybe but we'll all have to give it a good go mate!

    Lots of parallels with Thundersley & Northfleet then. 13th then 2nd for you and 11th then 1st for us.
    Must put you right up the top of gradings with us for a promotion push next year.

    Similar parallels between you and me aswell mate.
    I was also doing my first areas. Only got involved with Thundersley about 9 months ago and fill in on Bari or Eb Tuba for them when needed.
    Getting a taste for it though! ;)
  15. To play it you need to be very lucky to have the right players in the right seats to handle it properly! In the 2nd section that's rare but does happen.. But in general I'd say it was a tad too much to ask from the 2nd section.
  16. Mattandali1

    Mattandali1 New Member

    Yeah, I started playing 10 months ago after a 23 year lay off.
    Never did brass band, never did contesting.
    Wow! What a rush when you do well!
  17. I agree Matthew, I think it did overstretch a few bands... I should know, I was playing it!
    But I thought South Yorkshire Police gave a great reading of the piece in Bradford and thoroughly deserved their win.

  18. Agree with you on that one!
    We are fortunate that we have a good few players who could and should really be playing higher than 2nd section, and it makes a big difference.
    We also had a very experienced man in the middle who knew the music well and, as someone said ealier, knew how to teach us the music not just the notes.
  19. Mattandali1

    Mattandali1 New Member

    Its so right. 1st trombone, solo cornet, solo euph, all ex Aveley players!
    And our MD knew the piece inside out. And that made it a piece not a collection of dots!
  20. subtlevib

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    Adjudicators need to be really careful not to judge second section bands based upon championship section standards.
    Of course some second section bands can play Resurgam - and some cannot. That's why it's a test and that's why it's relatively easy to decide who's in the frame and who is not. A perfect piece for our section imho.
    The whole prep process of this piece was an absolute joy and a realisation that we both have the ability to rise to this particular challenge but also have much to learn and develop in the future.
    There surely has to be two in the box in any adjudication, for any section. One opinion will always lead to disagreement outside the box and beyond the results. Two at least offers bands some assurance of a degree of objectivity. On a piece like Resurgam, a balanced view is paramount.
    Just my view.