Camping options for Whit Marches

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    I'm wanting to go up for Whit Marches this year as a spectator, however I'm guessing all of the accommodation will have been long-since booked up. I was just wondering whether anyone can advise on camping options near to any of the contest villages. My preference would be to be as close as possible to the delph/dobcross area but open to suggestions. Thanks.
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    As no one else has responded I'll try and help, not been camping for a while but used to enjoy it.

    Try looking at the Camping and Caravan Club's website. They have a site finder map and (used to) allow non-members to stay at a slightly higher rate than members. Consider: in SK13 1HZ ?

    Oldham tourist information centre ( and the one at Rochdale too ( might be able to help. Worth a call or email.
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    I tend to stay in hotels now, but did camp for a few years. I found it difficult to find anywhere at all very local to the villages. The Carriage House in Marsden was the closest and prior to that we stayed across the Pennines at a place in Holmfirth.
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    The Camping and Caravan club band usually camp at a site at Friezland. Try contacting them to find out the contact details for the site
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    That's the one at Friezland, but not being a camping / caravan person, I did not know the website
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    I've stayed here before. Walking distance (>1/2 mile) to/from the nice pub overlooking Denshaw contest. Cycling distance (2miles) to Delph Dobcross earlier in the evening. Its a bit exposed on the hills though.