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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Ruthless, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Ruthless

    Ruthless Member

    Can anyone help me with information or contacts within the Camping and Caravan Club Brass band?

    Mum and Dad are members of the CCC and want to go to the Whit friday marches in the future. They want to know whether there is a local rally for the weekend and whether anyone can join in the fun? Unfortunately they don't play Brass Instruments but obviously are very supportive of the movement (They had no choice:clap: )
  2. Di

    Di Active Member

    Having just looked at the C&CC web site, there are links to various activities including folk, photography etc but no mention of the band. There is however a name and phone number to contact for information.
    and go to "club links", there is a number at the bottom. :)
  3. Mrs Womble

    Mrs Womble Member

    I know someone who has played for the band her name is Jean Hanslip, you can PM as she is also on here under her own name.

    However Jean isn't on here very often so you can contact her though Gosport Band, I think the MD of Gosport Band is also on here too, but not sure of the name.

    i'll find out for you and let you know, but i'm sure once we can get hold of Jean she'll be able to point you in the right direction.

    If I'm right they meet up for Whit Friday and then on the Saturday they do a concert for one of the club sites but not sure if i'm correct on that.

    hope this helps :tup
  4. Mrs Womble

    Mrs Womble Member

    The other person you can PM is Choirmaster who i'm sure wouldn't mind passing a message onto Jean
  5. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    Kippax Brass Band in Yorkshire near Leeds has about 8 members who, with their families, are caravaners, including me.
    Have a look at
    Click on "Meet the Band", click on "Bass Section" look for "Wilkie" and there I am !!
    - Wilkie (y)
  6. ChrisH

    ChrisH New Member

    The Camping and Caravanning Club Band camp at the Central Lancs DA rally at Well I Hole Farm near Friezeland. The meet is advertised in the Out and About section of the Club Magazine. Do not contact Jean hanslip directly, she only attended with me. I'm the euph player with the club band and Gosport Solent Brass (formerly Gosport Silver)

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