Campbeltown Brass holds intensive tuition weekend for Championships.

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    Campbeltown Brass holds intensive tuition weekend for Championships.

    Campbeltown Brass recently got an approval from the Scottish Arts Council for a tuition grant, in which the band held an intensive training weekend for the contest band, on Sat 19th & Sun 20th in Glasgow's Swallow Hotel. They invited some of the top musicians in the country to help out the band with Tam O' Shanter, in preparation for the forthcoming Scottish Championships in March. The weekend was split into mostly sectional practices during the day and band practices at night. The tutors invited to help out the sections were:

    Mike Bennett Front Row Cornets
    John Boax Back Row Cornets
    Alan Edmond Horns
    Alison Bonnar Euphoniums/Baritones
    Nigel Cox Trombones
    Dave Nesbit Basses

    Craig Anderson will be taking the band to the Championships, while he only manages down once a month or so, and with nobody else to conduct them, the band work away every week themselves, keeping it running. Instead of the annual England tour at this time of year, the idea came up to hold this course, not only benefiting the band for the contest, but also helping the band in the long run.

    With the average age of 16, and the idea of trying to tackle Tam O' Shanter without some outside help, it was near an impossible task for the band to undertake without such a course. There will be another course & lessons to help the youth band in April, with the rest of the grant money.

    After 10 hours of sectionals with the tutors on Sat & Sun and 5 band practices over the long weekend, a session at the go-karting in Clydebank and trip to the cinema on Monday, the trip was a major success. All the members came away with plenty of knowledge of the piece and proved that, by showing what they had learned at the last practice in front of the tutors. Special thanks to John Boax’s girlfriend Carrie, from Irvine & Dreghorn for helping out the short-staffed percussion section!

    Campbeltown Brass will show what they have benefited from the weekend, at Dundee in a few weeks time when they aim for promotion into the second section.
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