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    Didn't Desford win Butlins and the Midlands area ??????

    Anyway, another wonderful thread full of arguments, snide comments and loads of bitchyness !!!!!

    Handbags at the ready girls !!! LMAO
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    Nice to see the adjudicators were looking out for tempos!
    The score blatantly says that the faster variations should definitely be up to the tempos indicated - Desford's was definitely the slowest dotted crotchet = 200 variation! It was together, no doubting that - just nice to see that the adjudicators are taking note of the composer's intentions! :)
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    Evening all

    I've not had time to read the post contest debate here yet as I have had some trouble down below. Don't worry, it's just that the people in the flat downstairs have changed the password for their wireless network.

    What did people think of the results? I heard all but 19 of the bands and had Aveley and Newham well ahead.

    I have only seen the top 6 results. Were there no Yorkshire bands at the contest this year?

    Must go as the librarian is giving me funny looks and I want to finish my trombone practice before she throws me out.




  6. Well guys, having heard the majority of the performances on the web I am flabbergasted!...Yes, flabbergasted at the results! I had to go out and buy some quality headphones because i thought mine must be faulty after re checking the results......
    I note one of the adjudicators is at the English Nationals too.... Hmm...I might go just so i can laugh at the increduility of the results!
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    To be quite honest, even if you have the world's best computer and website for broadcasting them, it will always sound different over t'internet.

    It's like everything sounds good through a closed door!!!
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    I just come on "post contest" threads and read posts like this for a good laugh
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    And posts like yours give me a good chuckle too mr B. :p :p

    Oh what a marvellously happy thread :D
  10. Those results make a mockery of the effort of the bands. Especially those placed 6th, 12th and 18th.
  11. y?
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    z more like - or several zzzzzzz's in my case
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    18th? Deserved as far as I can see. Dynamics, anyone?!
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    I don't think said adjudicator was the problem in this particular contest.
  15. Have just listened to Desford & Fodens to compare. There is no comparison. All I can think is that adjudicators placed massive emphasis on balance. Fodens have so many stars that perhaps the other seats cannot match in terms of projection and sound quality. As far as technical ability, tempo, style, tuning.............!
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    i'll agree with that! vast difference.but thats contests for you.
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    I've no problem with the Cambridge result and it's good to see a different band taking the spoils for a change! What I do have a problem with however is the reason some bands are placed in front of other bands (when they are clearly not in the same league) just because the conductor chose to interpret the piece in a different style.

    Surely the adjudicators should be looking first and foremost at the basic quality's in a performance ie: tuning, balance, intonation, right notes, note endings, playing together, starting phrases together and of course quality sounds. If they are looking at interpretation, then you may as well just have Black Dyke on stage and make it a conductors contest with all the stick waggers taking the same band!
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    You have to judge both execution and interpretation.
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    I agree Simon, but when you judge interpretation OVER execution, it becomes a different ball game!
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    Here we go again.....see my post #263....and dont get into an argument with Simon...he's like a rabid dog with a bone...

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