Cambridge International Masters

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    I'll shut up then ;)

    I just preloaded about 5 minutes and it seemed ok here....but it was just on in the background....I'll have a better look when I'm not on a tea break.
  2. Could we get on topic?

    As far as I am aware the posts between Scotch girl and Bally, although a little personal at times, centred around the debate in hand did they not? Despite having some insults thrown in, both Bally and Scotch girl were debating (albeit in a very heated manner) the question of winning, loosing and interpretation which are all subject matters seemingly allowed on this thread I assume.

    Er... one or two latter comments are just being personal and are not centering around the topic. Should we just leave Bally and Scotch to 'fight it out'. They are just being passionate about the subject in hand. I don't think one or two recent posts have centred around any current debate.

    Hope you don't mind me chipping in here.
  3. You seem to be " chipping in" quite a lot for someone who dropped out of the thread much earlier....;)
    Yes, they are debating... Pretty soon Bally will challenge her to a game of conkers or something and we can all carry on "debating" in a less personal and elitist manner.
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    Yes, that worked for me. I had problems to start with, but once I'd allowed the progress bar to get a little ahead of itself it seemed to playback fine.

    Enjoyed the performance. Have to say, I'm a bit partisan where GUS are concerned; I have both relatives and good friends who are members, and I've also played with them as a dep occasionally. I'm still at a bit of a loss as to what went wrong at the end. Granted, I'm not familiar with the score; also I've heard second-hand versions, but I'm not going to comment. It seemed a bit surreal afterwards when the conductor seemed to be trying to acknowledge the applause and credit the band as if nothing had happened, while the band just sat there looking at each other in disbelief ... Anyway, I wasn't there, so I can't possibly comment.

    Still thought largely speaking it was very good, and Gary Fountain was outstanding on sop!
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    All this is getting ridiculous. It's just going around in circles, name calling etc etc, it's just like the school playground. Can't you children agree to meet in a car park or something and have a scrap or even better continue your name calling/ego trips via pm's ;)

    I played at Cambridge, thought we(Fodens) played a blinder and that's good enough for me, didn't win but it's all part of contesting. Don't contest if you are not prepared for disappointing results simple as. Yeah I was disappointed at the time but it's not life or death and I slept well that night :biggrin:

    I will re-iterate my earlier comment of... WELL DONE DESFORD!!!! :clap:
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    I agree Zak. I had to do another round of cleaning, because someone thought it was necessary to start calling names, in a very family un-friendly way.

    Next time something like this happens, this thread will be locked.

    edit: no need to discuss which posts were removed and which werent't. all posts removed were either of topic posts or replies to off-topic posts (which would make no sense if only the original off-topic posts were removed) moral of the story: never reply to off-topic posts ;)
    oh, and replying to this posts will probaby be off-topic too ;)
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    A bit harsh to remove mine though? Apart from my suggesting we all become friends again, I think I made a very valid point that whatever the rights and wrongs are, you can't change the result. We can, however, learn from the experience and hope for better luck next time.
  8. Its more about persoanl debates and differences in oppinion than the actually contest itself on here.

    Back on topic - did anyone stay for the gala concert? How did that go and how well attended was it this time?
  9. Indeed and I think most people agree with that now shaun. I think now, however, the debate has moved on from that and the contributions from recent posters (including me, bally, scotch and others) have been regarding the interesting subject of how much to judge interpretation in a contest.

    A debate that was developing quite well at one stage.
  10. Thats killed that then!
  11. Abolute C**p this! Web site that shows a full performance??? Yes it was overloaded on the day but even on a re-run with one band the qulaity is awful!!! How many time do I have to press play to get a 3 second snippet?!?!?!
    If these 'guys' get the contract for the nationals then I'd rather pay for a ticket, fuel, food, accomodation and forget the net version!!!!
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    Are you sure that it's not related to your internet speed as it plays just like watching a dvd when I click on play, no pauses or anything. Think I have 20mb broadband speed or something like that.

    Or perhaps I'm just lucky with that particular download??? :rolleyes:

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    wondering if any of the bands drawn later on at the Masters i.e. after us (Hepworth) saw a black soft cymbal bag around in any of the alcoves in the changing rooms??

  14. I think you're lucky!

    I've got 1MB upload and 8MB download!

    Either that or the hamsters gone on strike!!!!
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    The band that won this contest used a player registered with two bands (including them), that played on the day!!

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    Oh. Easy mistake to make. Almost happened to us and 3 other bands at the Shield. Doubt it will change the outcome.


    One man (or woman!) does not make a band. Or its performance. At the end of the day, the interpretation was right for the judges on the day. One person will make no difference at all to that. Anyone who is thinking that it should is clutching rather hopefully at straws, perhaps?
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    There are two more performances available on The Music Page Soli and 1st Old Boys. I have no problems with this site - once loaded the performances run straight through without interruption.

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    Mine works but keeps pausing for a millisecond every 15 seconds but then it continues again
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    Wingates are up now too.