Calling all trombonists!!

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  1. basebonetone

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    Bones North trombone choir are having a rehearsal on Sunday 6th September if any trombone players fancy a trip up (particularly tenors)

    Must be good readers and be able to read bass clef.

    Msg me for details if of interest.


  2. trombonebabe

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    where is it? manchester?
  3. Hells Bones

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    Where is it?
  4. You got anymore details?
  5. basebonetone

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    Trombone choir

    Hi all

    Clifton is near Brighouse in Yorkshire and rehearsal will be held there.

  6. sunny_jimbob

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    I'd normally be there but I've just found out I'll be travelling down south for work that afternoon which is annoying.
  7. Hells Bones

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    Any chance you could give me a lift Bassbone?
  8. basebonetone

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    where are you based? - I'm in Huddersfield now but I've got a couple of guys coming over from Manchester and Oldham area if thats any use? Let me know and I'll see what I can do.

  9. Hells Bones

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    I live in the home of the Sholver Massiv.

    Does that give you a clue? ;)
  10. basebonetone

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  11. Hells Bones

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    lol, I live in Oldham, near Counthill School.
  12. trombo

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    Calling all trombonists

    Here are the full details:
    Bones North Blow have an open rehearsal /blow arranged for Sunday 6th September 2009.

    This will be from 2pm at the Clifton & Lightcliffe bandroom at Bailiff Bridge near Brighouse in West Yorkshire.
    We are re-launching the trombone choir at this blow.
    Why not come along to check us out, we pay a varied selection from the Thunderbirds to music by Wagner.
    We would especially welcome tenor trombone players, ideally reading tenor and bass clef. .Bass trombone players welcome too,
    Our current md is Frank Mathison (ex LSO Bass Trombone from the Denis Wick era). Frank will be coming along to direct this rehearsals/blow.

    Please pm or email me ( or phone on:01422 369847 for further details.

    Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you.

    trombo (Steve Ford)
    Bass Trombone Yorkshire Wind Orchestra/Bones North
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  13. trombo

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    Trombonists (tenor & bass) still required for this rehearsal/blow. We are hoping to play some different music this time, therefore you should play to a good standard ie grade 8.

    Frank Mathison our MD(Ex--Principal Bass Trombone LSO) will be directing on this date, he does not take any prisoners so your playing should be of an high standard!!

    Our music is in tenor & bass clef.

    Looking forward to your replies by pm, e-mail( or phone 01422 369847.

    Thank you for looking

    trombo (Steve Ford)
  14. Independent Silver Band

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    You are breaking my heart. I wish I could do this.
  15. trombo

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    Calling all trombonists Sunday 06/09/2009

    All still welcome to join us tomorrow afternoon at the Clifton and Lightcliffe Bandroom @ 2pm. Off the Huddersfield to Bradford Road at Bailiff Bridge near Brighouse. Very near to the M62. Please see the map for directions on the Clifton Band website.

    Thank you for Looking

    email(tromford@hotmail.con), phone: 01422 369847
  16. Vegasbound

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    BTS Day SUNDAY 13th September 2009

    Crown Hotel
    DT11 7AJ

    BTS members £10 includes buffet lunch
    Students & under 16 £9.50
    Non BTS members £13

    Registration 9am

    Day starts at 10 with a massed warm up by Kevin Morgan Principle trom Bournemouth Symphony orch

    10.30 Aspects of technique Dr Tony Evans ex

    11-1pm Robin Benton & kevin Morgan to Conduct new music for trombone choir.

    1pm LUNCH

    2pm Mythical and Napoleonic interlude Dr Cliff bevan & Phil Humphries

    3pm Trombone Choir rehearsal Dr Tony Evans (music courtesy of warwick music)

    4pm Dave Hankin conducts own works for trombone ensemble

    5pm Break

    5.30-6.30 record music rehearsed during day

    Trade stands will be present so come and try Shires, Yamaha etc

    Contact John Pritichard 01258 453185
  17. Vegasbound

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  18. basebonetone

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    Bones North

    Excellent rehearsal yesterday at Clifton, nine trombones playing Gershwin,Finlandia,Barbers Adagio amongst others sounded great. Many thanks to all the guys and girls that turned up and looking forward to the next one! Others player still welcome-the more the merrier! Watch out for future events

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