CALLING ALL TROMBONISTS - Internet Trombone Broadcast 09/12/2007

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    Going out Worldwide on the Internet, live from a cowshed in the heart of Norfolk, the home of Wayland Radio. There’ll be 3 hours of chat, interviews, recorded and live performance, broadcast across the world!! Contributors include Denis Wick, Ian Bousfield, Dennis Rollins, Andy Berryman, Simon Wills, Chris Houlding, Tony Parsons, and many others who are yet to be press-ganged into revealing all!!

    You will be able to hear the broadcast live through the Wayland Radio website and there are links and up-to-date information on the Global Bones website .

    You can call the station on the day with any comments

    01760 44 11 61, text to 07989 605031 (+447989 605031)

    or use the message board on the Global Bones website.

    The programme will go out twice on December 9th - at 1200 GMT and again at 1900 hrs to accommodate various world time zones. After the event, podcasts of the broadcast, interviews and various articles will be available for download from the Global Bones website.
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