Calling all trombonists (Bones North Blow on Sunday 21st February at 230pm)

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    Yorkshire-based trombone choir Bones North @ Clifton meet again in February (Sunday 21st February 2010) and all trombonists are welcome to come for a blow! This will be directed by Frank Mathison.

    I look forward to receiving your enquiries and a memorable afternoon with Bones North. Tenor trombonists are especially wanted. Ideally you should read both tenor and bass clef. Do drop me a line and I'll send directions and answer any other queries.

    Best wishes,

    Steve Ford (trombo)
    tromford@hotmail. or pm me or phone on 01422 369847
    Venue: Clifton and Lightcliffe Bandroom, Bailiff Bridge, near Brighouse, West Yorks, UK
    Date: Sunday 21st February 2010, 230pm
  2. trombo

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    Still short of trombone players at this blow/rehearsal.

    Please pm me for details or e-mail me ( or phone : 01422.369847

    Looking forward to your replies.

    trombo/Steve Ford

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