Calling All trombone players!!

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  1. Parper

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    Calling all trombone players to come and beat the Guinness World Record for the most trombonists playing at once!! You might get to be on the telly!

    We need 300 trombonists (preferably about grade 4 up but if you can read a few notes, we’ll find a part for you!)

    Where? – Dobcross band Club, Saddleworth on Sat 2nd July.

    Registration: 11-30am – 1-00pm (all participants have to register to validate the record)

    Rehearsal: 1-00pm – 2-00pm

    GWR attempt: approx 2-15pm

    If you want to join us, please send your name and a contact number or email to
  2. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Hi Parper

    Great idea. We at tMP wish you all the very best of success in this exciting idea... please shout if there's anything we can do to help...

  3. lynchie

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    Ah flip... going to be in London that day... Good luck with it!
  4. Craigsav83

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    What an excellent idea - all the best!
  5. trombo

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    GWR Trombone Event at Dobcross on the 2nd of July

    I will be there. This is a great publicity opportunity for the trombone-an endangered specie.
    I have also circulated all the members of the Clifton Trombone Choir to see if they are available. Are you okay for music? i have some special arrangements from BTS ie theme from the Thunderbirds/Bandalogy/76 Trombones etc.
    I have already e mailed you regarding this.

    Please let me know if I can assist with music etc.

    Do we need to bring a music stand?

    pm me sometime
  6. sevenhelz

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    :sup oo-er, can i have a go? i know the slide positions in theory ;)
    shame we've got a gig that day really, i shall tell my mum to watch out for you on telly :p good luck with it
  7. trombo

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    Trombone Players Required

    According to another website, trombone players are still required for this Saturday(2nd July) at the Dobcross Band Club for the GWR for 300 trombones. Contact Helen by e mail (

    See you there

    trombo/Steve Ford
    Founder Clifton Trombone Choir
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  8. Di

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    I passed the info along to the guys in our band. One was definitely interested, another was possibly, so you'll maybe get one or two Hathernites there. :)

    All the best. I hope its a success. :clap:
  9. sarateiger

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    the more the merrier

    Hi, it's Sara from Step Up here. (Step Up is the festival that is organising the trombone world record attempt - and 9 other record attempts as well - if you're interested go to the Guinness World Records section of

    We DEFINITELY still want more trombone players - we don't just want to beat the record (currently 289) - we want it beat it by so much that nobody can EVER take the crown back!!!

    The current record is held by some Dutch people - hope that spurs you on to come and help win it!!

    So get down to Dobcross Band Clubn on Saturday 2 July by 12.30pm and let's go get 'em!!

    Ideally, register with first (if we don't have your name down, Guinness won't count you as taking part)

    But if you just turn up, we still want you - you'll just have to make sure you register with one of us I think we'll have bright yellow t-shirts on) on the day

    See you there!!