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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by mikelyons, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. mikelyons

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    I know there are lots of teachers on here and this is very important.

    Most of you will probably be unaware that the GTC has developed a Code of Conduct and Practice for teachers. If you have tried to read it, you will realise that it is so general and vague and so open to interpretation that it could be used against any teacher for any reason. It limits your right to free speech and your right to complain about your conditions of service. Also, the standards it imposes on registered teachers are higher than those needed for cannonisation in the Catholic church.

    There is a petition here that can be signed by anyone (teacher or not) to get this dangerous infringement of teachers' rights thrown out. If we don't succeed, this comes into effect in October 2009. You were consulted - apparently.
  2. HaleStorm

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    Thanks for bringing this to attention Mike, im not a registered "proper" teacher, however i do help to teach music in the school i work in (im an ICT Technician), and this will affect me as i also have teaching spine points in my job description. Definitaly gets my signature.
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  4. MrsDoyle

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    This is shocking...

    edit: Signed
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  6. Getzonica

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    Out of interest does this apply to all teachers or will it not have to apply to Indepentent Schools?
  7. Errol

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  8. Pythagoras

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    Signed. What a pile of nonsense (being polite). Thanks for bringing it up.
  9. Red Dog Brass

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    A plea to all teachers and support staff. This thing is real and will hurt. I try not to make personal posts for my company but I urge you all to back this.

  10. mikelyons

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    It will apply to all registered teachers - but may not include those teachers who don't have to register :roll: Some of whom may work in the private sector.
    Do I look surprised?:rolleyes:
  11. Getzonica

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  12. Kiz7

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    signed, even though I don't have to register. What nonsense!
  13. 4thmandown

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    When did the 'consultation' process take place? I don't recall any literature coming my way, or did I forget to read the 'small print'?

    Just another example of the paranoid, 'control freak' nature of our current government
  14. KMJ Recordings

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    Just to play Devil's advocate for a moment (and admittedly after only skim reading it) doesn't appear to be any different than any private or public Company based Code of Conduct that I've either read or had to sign up to....certainly post Enron / Sarbanes-Oxley....
  15. Anno Draconis

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    Maybe I'm being obtuse. Could you explain what the issue is with this document? I've just read it, and I'm not entirely sure which bits limit free speech and/or rights to complain. I'm with Keith - it seems no more vague or restrictive than any other code of practice.

    And as far as imposing higher standards than the Catholic church - bearing in mind said church's chequered history on child protection, I should damn well hope so. Besides, I'm not legally obliged to put my children in the care of the Catholic church, but if I keep my kids off school the Truancy Prevention Officer will be round.

    What's needed now is a code of practice for parents complete with disciplinary sanctions for those who refuse to read to their kids, don't make them do their homework or get them to school on time.:mad:
  16. MrsDoyle

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    I'm against this in every way.

    It's very ambiguous and 'fluffy' and could be interpreted each of a dozen different ways.
  17. themusicalrentboy

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    and to teach them how to eat with a knife and fork.
  18. MrsDoyle

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    Well said Chris. I just resisted the temptation to say something.
  19. KMJ Recordings

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  20. MrsDoyle

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    ^^^ made a good point, I meant

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