Calling all ex-members of Kippax Band!

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  1. Bit-part Bari

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    As part of the band’s 200 year celebrations in 2014, Kippax Band are planning a reunion night for all players past and present to come along, socialise and perhaps even play!

    The event is planned for Saturday 7th June 2014 in the Kippax Band Club. Anyone wishing to attend the event is requested to fill-out the contact form on the band's website, in order that we can plan for numbers. The event will commence at around 4pm with a brief rehearsal, followed by buffet food served in the club at around 6pm. The bar will then be open for festivities to begin with a concert planned for 8pm.

    It would be great to see as many past players as possible for what promises to be a great evening of socialising and music.

    Anyone interested should visit the band's website for further details:

    Thank you
    Lee Fairburn - Kippax Band
  2. iancwilx

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    Unfortunately it's in the middle of our 3 week tour of the South Coast so I can't attend. It will be a great day marking a landmark in the bands long history. Hope all goes well.

    Mr Wilx