Calling all ex-members for a final flourish!

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    Calling all ex-members!

    As a final flourish to what has been an amazing anniversary year, Black Dyke’s Musical Director, Nicholas Childs, is openly inviting any ex-members of the band to join it for a grand mass blow at its final concert of the year in Huddersfield Town Hall on 18 December, 2005.
    Said Nicholas: “I know this will be one of the highlights of our celebrations this year; welcoming back past players and indeed conductors to share the platform on this great evening".
    The format of the concert will be in two sections. The first section will feature the current band and after the interval the current band will be joined by the past players in a grand reunion of everyone associated with the band.
    Nicholas Childs further commented: “It is obviously impossible to get in touch with every ex-member and it is hoped that through the communication of bandspeople and the media, together with the ‘brass band bush telegraph' working to its optimum, we can bring together a really fantastic spectacle.”
    Anyone interested should contact Band Administrator, Geoffrey Whiteley on 07976 825451 or via email to
    Commenting on the plans, Geoff said: “The whole band is looking forward to a thrilling evening, sharing the platform with people that have dedicated themselves in making Black Dyke what it is.”

    Tickets for the concert are available from the Huddersfield Town Hall Box Office at Kirklees Tourist Office on 01484 223200 from 18th November, 2005 or prior to that date on 07976 825451.
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