Calling all BT Band ex-members!

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    BT Band 40th Anniversary Reunion Party

    The BT Band are looking for ex-members for their 40th Anniversary Reunion Party on Friday 23rd November, to be held at the Great Moor Conservative Club in Stockport.

    There are many players who have played with BT in its various forms and moved on to other bands around the country, and we would like to bring together as many of these players as possible to reminisce and celebrate the past 40 years.

    The band was formed in 1967 as the Stockport Telephone Band, later becoming the Post Office Union Engineering Band, until sponsorship was taken over by BT in 1987. The band were the first ever 1st Section National Champions at the inaugural contest in 1992, thus moving into the Championship Section where they have remained ever since.

    The band have so far celebrated their 40th year in terrific style, starting off by winning Preston Contest in January, and continuing their contest achievements with significant success at the Whit Friday marches.
    The highlight of the year so far was the trip to the Isle of Man in October where BT joined forces with the Onchan Band, who were celebrating their 70th anniversary. The joint concert featured a world premiere of The Enigma Machine by Paul Lovatt-Cooper, which was commissioned especially for the bands anniversary, marking the involvement of the post office workers in the war who helped to decode the enigma code.

    For further information please contact Pete Shaw or Helen Varley or 07751140443). Contact details for other players and photos of the band would also be appreciated.
  2. horn1

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    Yay! Come and party with us, we're very friendly!!!
  3. foxyflug

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    Think Glyn and I may pop along.....does it count that I was in POEU Junior band?

    What time does it start?

    Helen Fox
  4. horn1

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    Thanks to everyone who has contacted either Pete or Helen to let them know if they can make the party. If anyone else is thinking of coming please could you let us know so we have some ideas of numbers. Either email the above addresses or PM myself. The party is starting at 8pm and everyone who has been involved with BT Band in its various incarnations is welcome!
    We hope to see you there,


  5. tpcornet12

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    I seem to have been msg'd by Pete Shaw and Matt Henri on facebook but can't get on - I assume it's an invite. If so I'm sure I can make it. Not sure if I qualify though - I played in one rehearsal 17 years ago!! The 1st year of the 1st section - you went on and won the area and then the finals! Nicely done!

  6. horn1

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    That'll be it! Of course you qualify, the more the merrier! I may have also given slightly duff info as it apparently starts at 7pm not 8pm.
    See you there!

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