Calling all American tMPers!!

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    Ermmm how do American's say hello?

    Howdy Partner? or is that a bit cowboy? hmmm I'll just say 'hello' for now :p

    Anyway.... as you may or may not know... I will travelling across the pond in 8 and half weeks time (visa's WILL be applied for and recieved by then!!) for my teaching practice!

    I found out today that I'll be teaching 5,6 or 7 year olds whilst I'm out there, which I do believe is either Kindergarten or 1st Grade!

    My question to you lovely American's is... (or anybody who know's anything about American Education!) do you have an equivelent to our National Curriculum? and is there a website? Please and Thank you! Basically I just want to know what sort of things little Americans are meant to learn about at school!

    P.S: Just in case its different by state... I know lots of things are.... I will be in the state of New York! :D

    Many thanks lovely Americans! :D

  2. Brian Bowen

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    Here's what my wife says...


    5 year = Kindergarten
    6 year = 1st grade
    7 year = 2nd grade

    Curriculum differs from state to state. I would put "Kindergarten curriculum.New York" into your search engine and see what you get. I taught Kdg. in NJ. The curriculum was basically pre-reading skills, pre-math which encompasses many basic skills. However, some states require Kdg. children to go right into reading words. You should probably request a copy of the curriculum from your US contact.
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    Oooh thank you Mrs Bowen! :D thats all very useful information to know!
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    To confirm Mr. Bowen's remarks..most standards are state-by-state (although certain disciplines have a "National Standards"...which are mere recommendations...e.g. the National Science Standards).

    As for the "unsolicited" brass band aspect of your trip...
    March 7-9 is the Ohio Brass Arts Festival in Columbus, OH
    March 28-29 Are the NABBA Championships in Lousville, KY (which I...and I understand Mr. Bowen will also be at).
    April 11-13 is the Hannaford Festival of Brass in Toronto

    Those are probably your closest events and depending where you are in NY, the main brass bands (should you choose to join with them temporarily are by Buffalo, and NYC).

    Hope that helps
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    Hi Fi,

    Hope i can fill you in on a few of your Questions- despite not being American.

    You will Probably be teaching at Wheelock, which is the Primary school in fredonia Grades K-2, i was at the Elementary school but it's all the same school system. here's a link to it

    There is a State of New York Curriculum but i really wouldn't worry yourself about it, we tried researching it before we went and it's very confusing! We even had a couple of lectures while we were there on how complicated it is!

    The school will follow an English, Language,Arts (ELA) Programme, and a Math(s) Programme which will have a handbook- the teachers teach out of the hand book and it pretty much tells you all you need to know, so don't worry yourself before hand.
    Obviously this greatly reduces the planning you will do- you'll still need to transfer the plans onto the Rolle Proforma but it's not too difficult!
    So i wouldn't worry too much about curriculum or content, just concentrate on giving the lesson a creative flare, which i'm sure you will be brilliant at anyway! :)

    The school district was also subscribed to enchanted learning which has loads of good resources.

    Looking back, you don't have to do half as much paper work as you do for your third year placement, I'm not saying it will be easy, but make the most of being in America at every oppurtunity, You will have enough 'specials' (free periods) to keep on top of your work load during the day if you're organised enough! :)

    I would recomend you gather a few photos together of where you live, your band maybe, etc? But don't go mad with power points- there was only one interactive white board at the elementary school and i don't remember there being any at Wheelock! My advice would be practice writing on a chalk board and consider resources that can be used on the OHP!

    Awww, I'm so excited for you all, i just want to poke you in the eye! Can't believe you're going to 'our' schools!
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    :eek: Pretty please don't poke me in the eye! :(

    Thank you for all that extremely useful information ... that I'm about 99% certain Steve won't be telling us! :tongue:

    We might not even be going yet... we STILL don't have visa's! We haven't even been to London yet to the US embassy!

    Hmm is there away of getting photo's onto OHP's? there must be!
    I've never written on a chalkboard.... is it easier than IWBs? I can't write on them... as i'm left 'spaz' handed :p
    Sound's like it's going to be a biiiiiig learning curve!

    I expect we can discuss lots more America things on the way to Butlins!

    I can't believe there is only 8 weeks until I'm going! :D soooo excited!
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    We didn't go to the Embassy till about January i think- it was the only day it snowed in London all month! I had to go to the Embassy with wet feet :( It took all day, we we're nervous as we we're told to expect an 'interview'- it consisted of the women telling me to buy snow boots! (oooh which i also recomend to you!) Our Visa's eventually came through in the middle of Feb i think. Don't worry, it'll be fine! :)
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    I already have a rather attractive pair of Pink snowboots that mother bought me as an early christmas presents! and some very thick pink spotty socks!

    Today was really good! Was brilliant to meet all the guys that went last year... where was Lucy though?! :tongue: she was the only one of you not there! I think everyone else is a little bit less panicky now!

    Although we still haven't heard anything about Visa's... but Steve said we're going to drop everything when he does find out and go straight to London the next day! :tongue: we said we want it all to happen on Thursday so we can miss Math's and Science! Steve's my lecturer though so he'll probably just reschedule!
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    Just teach them that England is actually the greatest contry in the World, not the USA, and that they only won the War of Independence with French help and against not many troops. That should be enough for them. :)