C Trumpet stolen from car, Manchester

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    My brother is a pro trumpeter and had his C trumpet stolen from his car in West Didsbury, Manchester on Friday night. It was in a single gig bag, along with his passport worryingly. As well as the trumpet, he also had about 25 CDs stolen, mainly classical and jazz, including some Winton Marsaylis, and a large number of receipts kept for tax purposes. If anyone comes across any of these items could they please let me know and I will pass the info on to him. Incase anyone finds the passport, his name is Tim Barber.
    Many thanks

    Instrument: C Trumpet
    Make and Model: B&S Challenger
    Serial Number:
    Finish: Laquar

    Make and Model:

    Instrument Case Description: Reunion blues single gig bag.

    Any distinguising marks: Dent in side of bell

    Last Known Location / Area Stolen From: West Didsbury, Manchester
    Date Stolen (if unknown give range of dates): Fri 30th September during night.

    Other items stolen with instrument (in case they are sold together)
    Mutes, music stand, sheet music etc: Passport, approx 25 CDs, lots of receipts.

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