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    I'm new to your site. I appreciate the opportunity to share ideas.
    I am new to the Brass Band venue, more particularly to playing the flugel. I have played trumpet for 45 yrs. My lovely wife surprized me 3-4 years ago with a Getzen Eterna flugel horn for Christmas. I didn't want one for anyother reason than to add to my horn collection. About 2 years ago, I was asked to join the Natural State Brass Band, filling the flugel chair. Since that time I have become more interested in refining my flugel skills which now focuses more around making sure I have the best instument (within my budget) to get the best sound possible. I would like some feedback on reasonably priced flugels that give the British Brass Band sound and what combinations of mouthpieces would compliment the horn. I think and have been told that my horn has a rich sound, but it didn't come until I started using a Wick 4 mouthpiece. I give up a little range on this mouth piece and need to add to my collection for times when I need the extra range. My Getzen has no triggers and is in need of some valve work. Before I spend the money to upgrade my horn, I thought that I would see what was available and buy a used horn that would better fit my needs. I would also like some feedback on the advantages/disadvantages of the 4 valve horns. Minimum standards for a different horn would be a well-centered intonaton, 3rd valve trigger, rich sound and somewhere in the $1000.00 price range.
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    Hey Larry

    :hi to tMP - it's always good to see another flugel player swelling the ranks - there are quite a few of us here already.

    In answer to your questions, I started a flugel buying thread a few months ago, because I was looking to buy my own. Although the thread was aimed at my specific needs (I wanted to spend about £1500 - $2500ish) theres no reason for you not to ask your questions in there - in fact a few instruments within your budget have been mentioned there. The link is here:

    Hope you have fun and find tMP useful :D
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    Welcome to tMP Larry, always nice to have another "American" on here. (don't be surprised if you get called a "Yank" by then even though you're from the South...nobody means anything offensive by it)

    If Ian's options are too expensive I might first look at getting a proper mouthpiece if you haven't already. When I played tenor horn (it was a Yamaha) I played the horn that came with instrument. I then got a nice Dennis Wick mouthpiece and tone improved substantially. Same thing when I got switched back to a Dennis Wick, richer tone straight away.
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    Thanks, Ian

    This thread has certainly given me a focus to start my search!!

    Larry "Byrdman" Crenshaw
    Natural State Brass Band
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    Thanks PJ

    I'm playing a Wick 4 at the present and it made a great improvement in the tone quality. The 4 limits may range somewhat, but I'm looking for another Wick to solve that issue as I need to increase my range.

    Larry "Byrdman" Crenshaw
    NAtural State Brass Band
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    Larry...move on down to a Denis Wick 2F or 2FL depending on the instrument you will eventually get. If it's American manufacture other than Bach then the FL model is the mpc to buy. I have played a Bach with a 2F for over 15 years...very difficult for the first six months or so but then your range will increase and you will have developed a very sonorous sound as the time passes....providing you keep at it and practise regularly. Just my twopennorth worth. A flugel is rarely called on to go above top A in the brass band repertoire but if you feel unsecure when called on to play above top A keep a Bach 3cFL or Callet 650FL in your pocket.
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    Thanks, Alan

    I'll give your suggestions a shot.

    Larry "Byrdman" Crenshaw
    Natural State Brass Band