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  1. Esscee

    Esscee New Member

    I wonder if anyone can help me.

    I play a Yamaha Maestro euphonium and when I play from cold there is a buzzing sound as if I have a water key open. I have held all the water keys closed while I blow to no avail. It sounds as if I am playing a kazoo!
    This disappears when it warms up.

    Has anyone else had the same problem and if so, how did you fix it?

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  3. sopsarah

    sopsarah New Member

    I used to have this problem on a yamaha horn. I could never figure out what it was. I eventualy put it down to the springs in the valves but that's probably rubbish. Also noticed it on a yamaha sop too!
  4. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    I had a similar problem with an old Besson 'New Standard' Eb bass.

    Turned out to be a tiny crack in one of the welds that pulled itself shut as the metal warmed up.....
  5. Blagger

    Blagger Member

    Could be a spring though probably not as a poster above has said - have a look whether or not all your valve springs are the same length as it could be one rattling around a bit inside the valve casing
  6. Tubby

    Tubby Member

    I would suggest it could be air escaping from the corners of your mouth. I know this sounds odd but my mate who plays BBb has this same issue and it's definately coming from him rather than the instrument.

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