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    Hello there,

    Our Uni brass band is now a year old and we're trying to build up a library of music (which currently totals 3 or 4 pieces!). We have £132.75 to spend on new music, which will form the basis of our concert programmes for December and March/April next year. Have you any suggestions for what would be a sensible combination of music to buy, or any specifically recommended pieces?

    Our conductor has expressed a wish for "real" brass band pieces as opposed to "popular stuff".. and seeing as we're in Scotland, a Scottish theme may be particularly appreciated (we've played Alloway Tales). The standard of the band is difficult to assess, as next year it may go up or down with our final year students leaving and new ones starting, but as a rough guess I'd say 3rd/4th section.

    Any suggestions would be very greatly appreciated,

    Catherine Sweetman,
    Secretary of Edinburgh Uni Brass Band
  2. brassneck

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    - check with bands in the area to see if there are sets that are no longer wanted. City Of Edinburgh used to have a band conducted by Fred Frayling-Kelly. Check with him to see if he knows what happened to their library stock ... They were, once upon a time, Championship standard.
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    I think the best thing is to decide on what music the conductor wishes to buy, and buy a few pieces, and try and borrow the rest off local bands.

    There are several other universities with brass bands, I tried to research this last year, but didnt get a great response - maybe worth another look into?

    Failing that. . . Ebay!
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    If you decide to buy new music - then Aldbrickham Music will provide you with a 10% discount (on music from any publisher, not just Aldbrickham Music's) just because you are a member of tMP ;)
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    Thanks for your replies, I'll follow up Fred Frayling-Kelly (if you haven't already, Craig. I notice Brassneck also mentioned him in the thread you posted when setting up the band?)

    I think establishing some links with Uni bands (our wind band has a lot of success with this) and local bands is also something that would be useful. And I hadn't thought of EBay!

    Any suggestion for particular pieces, anyone?

    Thanks again for your replies,

    Catherine x
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    What I would consider buying are works that are real classics and written by composers such as Holst, Vaughan Williams, Bliss etc. that your possible target audience is is likely to recognise, assuming that your concerts are likely to be based in the Reid Hall.
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    Thats a good point there brassneck, something like A Moorside Suite would go down well, I'm sure that's easilly obtainable. Pieces like that or Malcom Arnolds Little Suite for Brass (I think there are 4 of them?)would be good.
  8. alanl58

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    Look at Jim Pagington's web site, he has loads of music at discount prices:

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    Its also worth taking a look at and doing a search on brass band music. Quite a lot of stuff on there (and some good 'classical' arrangements) is free, or very cheap!
    Theres thousands of pieces to scroll through- but you could well save yourself a few pennies by getting stuff from there!
    You might also find it worthwile getting in touch with local SA churches. There are very few 'big' SA bands around anymore- which means that there is a lot of spare brass band music (and instruments!!!) sitting in cupboards doing nothing!
    Gorgie still has a big SA band, and i think has a few members on here. They might be able to help you out.
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  11. Bungle

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    Try and find out if there are any defunct bands in the area, you might be able to get hold of their old music or if their library has been passed to another band, they might have duplicates. Or just put out a request asking if bands have any duplicates.

    Look at the thread about summer concerts, to give your conductor an idea of pieces to buy which aren't complete turkeys.

    What we really need is a review site where we can give star ratings and comments on pieces al la Amazon or Ebuyer etc (hint hint)
  12. Gorgie boy

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    PM me and I'll give you some of my music and arrangements. I play in Gorgie SA Band and although we are still quite a reasonably big band still using much of our repertoire we might be able to come to some agreement regarding classical transcriptions etc, of which we have loads!

    Paul Drury
    UNISON Kinneil Band


    We managed to pick up a load of music at a local contest reduced from £30 a set to £5 a set! Just keep a look out at the trade stands when you go to contests and see what is available.
  14. Nigel Hall

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