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  1. dunno whether this msg should go in the rehersal room or the thread for buyin and selling but if its in the wrong room then you mods can switch it to the buy and sell 1 im sure, so anyway here it goes

    my mate wants to buy a full set of instruments for his band as their current set is gettin a bit naff, could anyone recommend anywhere that sells good sets for good prices?
  2. fred rhodes m8!
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    Go for at least three quotations ....don't forget the amount of money involved! You should also remember that the cheapest quotation is not always the best option. Think of warranties....back up service etc
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    If your mate is going to do this, don't forget to negotiate like crazy. Spending large sums of money with suppliers brings with it a certain power position. As all of the good consumer advice programes would tell you, negotiate and make sure you spend well.
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    As you're talking about serious cash here (a full set must be, what, £80k now??) the ball is very much in your court. Nail them for as much discount as you can get, but you also need to look at the service and aftersales side too. Can they supply the instruments you want? OK 90% of the band is relatively easy, but does your Bass Trom want an Edwards (for example)? Or is your flugel after an Eclipse or Kanstul (or any number of other smaller manufacturers...)? Make sure that the quotes all match and don't be afraid to go back and ask suppliers to price match other quotes.

    Another important thing to consider is: can they bring extra instruments along so your players can "cherry pick" the ones they like the most?
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    Hi, are main dealers for Besson, Yamaha, Conn, Strad etc, and I know they have (in stock) some Prestige cornets and a full set (9) of Besson 928's at a very attractive price. Give them a try!

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