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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by TigerStripe, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. TigerStripe

    TigerStripe New Member

    Hi. I am looking to buy a new euphonium (a compensating one). Had a Yamaha that was really good and I liked playing it so would have liked to get as similar a one as possible but unfortunately I cannot afford it at the moment. I saw one on gear 4 music (Coppergate professional compensating by gear 4 music) that was only around £800. As this is so much cheaper than other similar ones, I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this instrument and if it is any good?
  2. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    A reply, 'cause you haven't had one yet and this one bumps the thread for you, but it's not necessarily one that helps you in your preferred direction.

    I don't recall mention of a Copper Gate Euphonium here on tmp but seem to recall someone saying that they had been pleased with a Trombone from them, but please use the search function to check for yourself. If in your situation I'd be seeking to buy a recognised brand that was pre-owned (eBay is a friend to some, with care) but if you are set on a new instrument then perhaps save for a bit longer and look at the Wessex Brand - visit and test drive.

    Whilst I have my own Trombones I believe that Tubas (Euph's and Basses) are a bit too dear for players to buy their own so, IMHO, your Band should be providing you with a suitable instrument for use with them - a rough old one of your own for use at home could be fine. If they won't or can't supply a decent instrument for you then good Euphonium players are in short supply (certainly that's what more than one MD has told me) so you might wish to consider your options.

    I hope that the above is of some help.
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  3. Rob Dawson

    Rob Dawson New Member

    Hi, one of my students bought the same instrument about a month ago. I've been taking a mouthpiece and using it to demonstrate rather than take my own (just recovering from surgery and mines a bit heavy to carry round yet ).
    Got to say it's very good for the price point. Tuning and intonation are fair (yes it's sharp in the upper register but thats not uncommon and it has a good trigger - better than the one on my virtuoso!). Valves are pretty fast and consistent, slides are well made. On the down side ... lead pipe wraps quite a long way round the bell so orientation to the instrument feels a little odd ( that said I'm sure you would soon adjust if it was your only instrument). My only other observation would be that the metal is pretty thin so while it can produce quite a nice euph sound it lacks projection. At full power I struggle to produce more than a fair 'forte'. Also I suspect it would be pretty easy to dent. I agree with the previous post re the cost of a good euph etc but there is something pretty special in having your own. Hope that helps.
  4. Euphman2

    Euphman2 Active Member

    North Manchester
    It was me that was pleased with the coppergate trom, but it is my subsidiary instrument. My Euph is a besson 967 ( my own). I only suggested coppergate if you wanted a fairly cheap introduction instrument
  5. TigerStripe

    TigerStripe New Member

    Thanks everyone. Sounds like I should do some more investigating before I buy.
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