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  1. Hi,

    Im looking to buy a second hand euphonium, for under £2000.
    can anybody recommend which model to get? and where to look to get a cheap one?

    It would be very appreciated!


    Rachael xx
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  3. Accidental

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    I would reccommend going through a shop, eg:
    Glyn Williams
    Mr Tuba
    Band Supplies
    Phil Parker
    or visit the trade stands at a big contest - the Area at Torquay should be a good start.

    Apart from anything else, they'll have a range of makes and models for you to go and have a play with and find out which suits you best, and some of them will also have experienced players on hand to advise you.
    Personally I'd go for an old Sov (if I ever went back on euph) but its horses for courses so I'd definitely reccommend you research and try out as many as you can before parting with any cash! Places like Ebay and classified ads may look great for baragins, but I'd never buy an instrument without blowing it first and making sure I was able to return it if it didn't suit.
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    Mob 07882 367902 Courtiour
  5. I want a besson soverign but its geting one cheap, its not easy haha.
    I wouldnt risk buying it before ive played one, because i dont want to be disappointed. Need somewhere in the south west to try one out but cant seem to find many places.
    Thanks for the suggestions guys! :) x
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    hi there
    I am selling a euphonium but just in the process of getting it valued. Has recently been serviced and in good working order with hard case. i'll contact you once I know more if that is ok?
  7. Hi,
    Could you please private mail me when you know more, and have a fixed price?

    Many Thanks


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