BUY AS YOU VIEW BAND at Regent Hall, 15th October 2004

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    Regent Hall Brass Arts Festival Gala Concert


      Friday 15th October, 7.30pm

      Regent Hall, Oxford Street, London

      Tickets: £9, £10 & £12 - Tel: 0122 3 234 090

    (Details as per advert in The Brass Herald: NB there will be the usual "all-day" ticket, incorporating al the day's events, but details of that are not yet available)
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    Details of the rest of the day's programme now available:

    12.30pm: The Trinity College of Music Brass Band (free)

    2.30pm: LONDON BRASS

    £8, £9, £10

    5.00pm: Michael Ball - illustrated talk on the test piece


    7.30pm: BAYV Band
    £9, £10, £12

    All day ticket: £25

    With the inclusion of London Brass and BAYV this should be a very good day!
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    Programme details, from the BAYV web-site:

    English Gems

    Praise - Heaton

    A Downland Suite - Ireland

    Glory To His Name - Ball Soloist, Ian Williams

    Resurgam - Ball


    Italian Nights

    La Danza - Rossini

    Concerto - Bellini Soloist, Owen Farr

    Introduction, Theme & Variations - Rossini Soloist, David Childs

    Nabbuco - Verdi

    Celtic Pride

    Day of the Dragon

    i) Overture

    ii) Lullaby

    iii) Clog Dance

    iv) Ballad

    v) Triumph