Buxton Entertainments Contest - Results

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  1. timbloke

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    These are the results from Buxton, anyone know any further details on Points etc, than add it here.

    1st - VBS Poynton
    2nd - Wakefield Met.
    3rd - United Co-op (Milnrow), 180 points
    4th - Stannington, 179 points (deducted 6 points for time penalties!!)

    Best Soloist - Karen Bolt (Horn), Stannington
    Best Percussion - VBS Poynton
    Best placed 3rd Section - Syston
    Best placed 4th Section - Barrow

    It should be noted that this was the last ever Buxton Entertainments contest.

    It should also be noted that Stannington are quite simply gutted that after such a good performance, we were deducted 6 points for running over on time, and dropped from 2nd to 4th. But rules are rules. Well done to Karen, and well done to all the bands for such an enjoyable contest, first time I've done this one, well organised and good fun. Its a pity so see it come to an end.
  2. rutty

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    Last one ever? How come?

    We did that one last year and I really liked the venue. Shame about the time penalty but I suppose you only have yourselves to blame for that ;)

    Well done for all those that took part.
  3. ScreamingSop

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    2nd time we have done the contest and second time we won! yey!
    Its a real shame that the sponsership has ended and the contest wont be happening again.
    I think ther are plans to possibly find another sponser for an entertainment contest in buxton, same venue etc.. but i dunno yet. hope so. It is so well organised and a great stage to play on.
    And what a good audience!!!

    We heard you (Stannington) playing whilst we were registering and it sounded real good, shame about the time penalties!

    Had a great day, despite having a real bad case of tonsilitus and well done to all the other prize winners, the soloist from Stannington and the rest of my Band. woooo
  4. ScreamingSop

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    oh and if anyone wanted to know any of the other points, i think we got 188 points, if i remember rightly
  5. Straightmute

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    What did everyone play???

  6. PowerRanger

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    Congratulations to VBS Poynton :clap: I heard you play and it was a well deserved win!
    Even the dodgy mi****hone didn't detract.

    Very hard luck to Stannington, i did'nt hear your performance but WOW!, knowing that you beat Milnrow (who are in the championship section next year) is fantastic!

    Which horn solo did Karen play?
  7. timbloke

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    Stannington Programme:

    The Bombasto - arr. R Thorne
    I know thou art mine - Ballantine
    Blue Rondo a la turk - Brubeck arr. kevin someone or other i think
    Demelza - (solo)
    Jubilation - Curnow

    It was in honesty much too long a programme and when you add applause and Robin talking...!

    If anyone is at Wychavon/Dronfield I expect the programme may be very similar ;) (although due to timings it may change slightly!)
  8. The Baron

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    Hopkins Solicitors Blidworth =4th place 179 points. 2 points deducted for time penalty
  9. Roger Thorne

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    Just play The Bombasto a fit faster!

  10. Di

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    This where you have to exercise before you play? ;) Or run while you're playing? :confused:
  11. sevenhelz

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    no you play it so fast half the band (and audience) have fits... oh dear
  12. Mofman

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    VBS gained 189 Points. 97 for Music, 92 for Entertainment.

    Does anyone know the FULL results? ie who came 5th - 8th?
  13. Mofman

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    VBS played:
    Strike Up The Band
    The Irish Blessing
    Cartoon Classics
    I Hear You Calling Me (Cornet Solo - Principal: Tony Wyatt)
  14. ScreamingSop

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    beat me too it moff!

    from what i remember Minrow played;

    Olympic fanfare and theme
    Marrianne (flugel solo)
    War of the Worlds

    Wakefield played

    War of the Worlds
    Cornet solo (salvation army one, not sure what it was called)
    Another piece
    another piece (lol i really cant remember the other two pieces!)

    as for the stupid mic, there was nothing that we could do, it had a mind of its own
  15. Mofman

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    Wakefield played:
    War of the Worlds (eve of the War?)
    Someone Cares
    Mac the Knife
    McArthur Park
  16. timbloke

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    I'll suggest that to the band tonight, but if you hear the speed Robin takes it already you'll realise it is virtually impossible anyway. He didn't like your metronome marking (c. 156?) so upped it a bit!! Think it takes about 1 min 27 secs. Based on 148 bars (including repeats i think) thats 296 beats, which is 3.4 beats per second, c. 200 per minute!! I can't quite beleive that, but if thats what the maths says, it must be true!! :eek:
  17. At that speed i dont really think making it a little quicker is going to make enough of a difference!!
  18. squirrel

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    It actually felt a bit slower than normal on the day.... :sup

    However, I reckon Robin just talked too much, we'll have words ;)
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  19. timbloke

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    From 4barsrest......


    VBS Poynton and Alan Lawton take the honours at the 34th and possibly last Buxton Contest.

    1. VBS Poynton (A. Lawton), 189
    2. Wakefield Metropolitan (R. Gray), 183
    3. United Co-op (Milnrow) (A. White), 180
    4. Hopkins Solicitors Blidworth (G. Hawley), 177
    5. Stannington (R. Morgan), 173
    6= Syston (G. Sutton), 169
    6= Harborough (C. Groom), 169
    8. Barrow Concert (A. Garbutt), 165

    Best Soloist: Karen Bolt (horn), Stannington;
    Best Percussion: VBS Poynton
    Best 3rd Section: Syston
    Best 4th Section: Barrow Concert


    This implies that Stannington's 179 points was the score before the deduction of our 6 point, and not as we had been led to believe inclusive of the deduction of the points. I hope there is someone out there who can confirm either way?
  20. cherrybassett

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    you should have had a list of official results by now from Buxton. The points on 4barsrest are after deduction of penalty points. You originally had 179 same as us (Blidworth) and we were joint fourth with stannington before penalty points deducted.