Buxton 2007

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  1. Lotta

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    Does any one know when Buxton 2007 is a a) is it a set test piece and b) how/where do I get an entry and more info?

    Thank you in advance
  2. postie

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    Buxton is an own choice test piece contest held normally the last Sunday in April. It's arranged by the NWABBA their details can be found through www.ibew.co.uk. Hope that helps you out.
  3. Lotta

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    what a star - thank you
  4. Its actually organised by the High Peak BBA, but the secretary is the same person as for the North West Area BBA, namely Mrs Shirley Woodward. The contest is always held on the Sunday preceeding Bank Holiday Monday (early May late April)

    Entrance forms / Schedules normally make an appearance sometime shortly after the areas.