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  1. katiesalt

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    Not done this before but my illustrious MD has asked me to find some information and I seem to be going round in circles.
    Perhaps there is a very knowledgeable person out there who can help.
    My (illustrious) MD has been told that for the Butlins contest in January we (Dronfield Band) are listed in the 4th section.
    Can anyone tell me if this is the case?
    We are in the 3rd section from the beginning of the year.
  2. Sop_Or_Bass?

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    You should contact Brian Eggleshaw of the N.E.M.B.B.A. as he is the contest controller Tel No. 01623 478454.

    Your contest sec should have the details.
  3. Charmed

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    If you are in the 3rd section nationally from Jan 07, you should have been put in the 3rd section for Butlins Jan 07.
  4. katiesalt

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    Thanks Charmed.