Butlins vs Pontins

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  1. timbloke

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    Right now people, I want a discussion...

    I've just got back from a wonderful weekend at Butlins, and thought I'd start up the ultimate debate - which is better butlins or pontins and why and perhaps more importantly what can one learn from the other to make it even better?

    I was also wondering, and asked many people the question, why Butlin's was less "tMP" than Pontin's. There was distinctly less coverage, no suggestion's of a trade stand or massed band etc... what are your thoughts? I've got mine, but I want to know yours first. I'm sure there were plenty of tMPers there, I was even reckonised from my old avatar by a few.

    For my money, I'd like to congratulate the organisers, but my suggestion is that the test pieces are annouced much earlier, so bands can perhaps work on them in the quiet summer months, and not worry so much during the busier christmas/post-christmas-area-run-up periods.
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    Personally I prefer Butlins to Pontins. Chalets cleaner and warmer, food if you are half board was excellent but I believe you could also pay to eat in the dining room as well. Shame the Sun and Moon pub ran out of Guiness last night, and I also believe they ran out of beer on Saturday too.

    I think that the reason there wasnt much publicity on mouthpiece is that the venue has been critiscised heavily by tmpers. Unless you have been and experienced you cant really judge and comment. I must add that is only my opinion.

    As for the music we knew the test piece back in July, admittedly we havent been practicising for 6 months (hence the 3rd place and not the 1st) but we could have practicised it if we wanted to.

    I think the venue is excellent, the organisation has improved this year but perhaps the time of year could be different, but then again you cant suit everyone can you.

    Solo Horn
    Hopkins Solicitors Blidworth
  3. jonford

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    I can't say to much about Butlin's because Ive never been but I think it is completely at the wrong time of year. It is too near exams for most AS/A2 and Uni students. I suppose there is never a right time of year though with all the contests on but after the Areas I think would be better.

    Pontin's is always a good laugh in my opinion but there are some problems, waiting in that freezing cold tent to play is really anoying, drinks are expensive but I imagine its about the same price as Butlins? Entertainment in the evening with Bavarian Stompers is a plus tho!
  4. dyl

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    I'm sorry but I completely disagree with the first line of that paragraph. We've had discussions on the Butlins contest since early November 2004:


    .....to list a few.

    On top of that, we had two of the 'team' at the results ceremonies 'phoning the results to us straight away, so we can have the results online asap - ready for discussion/comments.

    Tim: I'm intrigued by your thoughts as to thereasons for lack of coverage on tMP? Please elaborate further......
  5. timbloke

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    It wasn't tMP coverage which I think has been great, although the lack of a predictions competion was a pity. But I was not alone in thinking the event wasn't such a "tMP" event as Pontins. Maybe its just that I'm used to certain faces that weren't at Butlins, or just because there wasn't a tMP band/stand? Possibly it was the other way round; the lack of tMP advertising at Butlins (after all of the flyers etc. at Pontins) rather than the lack of Butlins coverage on tMP.
  6. six pints

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    the main thing i notice was that people just werent as excited about butlins as pontins, there was less in random section before and after. ive never been to pontins but i do know that butlins is an absolutely ace weekend and i would recommend it to anyone.

    yeah, but with the amount of exams nowadays it hard to find a time that would suit everyone, plus for some studfentds (like me) its better because you have all xmas at home for rehearsals instead of commuting, and its late enough for my loan to come through!! also my guess would be that butlins have it at time when they arent going to have other guests so they have more money!
  7. stephen2001

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    I was wearing my tMP polo shirt, the issue was it was so bloomin' cold, I had to wear a coat over it to stop myself getting pneumonia!
  8. mr jinx

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    I was there at the weekend and had a great time.Just a few points i would like to pick up on 1,i think that being charged for a rehearsal room on site is a disgrace.
    2,no reason for start times to be as early.
    3,would it be possible to have sunday as a seperate contest or have a solo competition in its place.
  9. Keppler

    Keppler Moderator Staff Member

    Alas Tim, I'm still not au fait with all the ins and out of the UK contesting scene, and as such, the priority/popularity associated with them. As I'm sort of responsible for organising the prediction comps, I suppose you could say I missed the ball on this one. Alas, they're not the sort of thing one can just toss off at a moment's notice, as there is quite a bit of behind the scenes work that needs to go in. With that in mind, maybe we'd leave it open to tMPers to suggest the "most prediction-comp-friendly" contests out there, bearing in mind that they lose their impact if we have one for every single contest.

    So some questions:
    a) What contests do tmpers think are good for predicting?
    b) Do we have enough cultural-knowledge in the tmp pool to try a non-UK prediction contest?
    c) What do you think would improve the current format of predictions.
    Answers on the back of a stamp, or by PM please.

    An areas prediction contest is planned and in the pipeline.

  10. Roger Thorne

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    There may not have been any discussion re the tMP Trade Stand on the main forum, but believe me there was a lot of discussion behind the scenes! At the end of the day we decided not to attend because of the following reasons.

    1) I had a previous engagement in Co. Durham which made it impossible for me to attend.
    2) John and I share the trade stand equipment and it was very difficult (and expensive) to arrange the transportation over the 250 miles (approx) that we (and the other members of the tMP team) live apart.
    3) Financial costs: tMP is a NON-COMMERCIAL SITE. We are not sponsored financially in any way whatsoever so all costs are met by John, myself and our dedicated team of moderators.
    4) The TMP Trade Stand is non-profit making. We do not have any merchandise to sell to cover incured expenses, it is purely a trade stand to draw attention to our superb site.

    Those are our reasons for not attending with the trade stand . . . so what are your thoughts then?

    tMP Band: As you are aware the tMP Band performed twice at last years Pontins Weekend, but this was only possible after a lot of 'behind the scenes' corresspondence between the tMP team and the Pontins management and the fact that there was over 100 bands playing over the two days. Due to a smaller number of Bands (compared to Pontins) appearing at Butlins and being so close to the Regional Qualifyers we felt that there wouldn't be enough tMP members present/available to commit themselves to an extra couple of performances.

    Discuss . . .

  11. TheMusicMan

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    Can I also add to Rogers post above that we will do our utmost to attend next year, and if anyone has any ideas or suggestions as to how we can improve tMP by running new games, features or fun events - then please please do tell us. If you would like us to run our prediction competition for Butlins as well... then please let us know and we will do whatever we can to ensure you get what you want.

    At the risk of not wanting to sound pretentious, we are more than happy to take up your ideas and to provide you with what you want for tMP.

    Please do tell us.... seriously... :tup
  12. WhatSharp?

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    Since I have already mentioned the good and bad point of Butlins I won't go over them here (I did have a great time though!) and I fully understand why the tMP team were not there. What I will say (and what seems to be slightly overlooked) is that Butlins in it's current format is only in it's second year, Pontins has been run for a vast number of years and has become very well established on the circuit. Give it time and I'm sure they'll have ironed out the bugs.
  13. WoodenFlugel

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    You beat me to it Steve! - was just about to post up that Butlins is still a very new contest.

    BTW sorry I didn't get to meet you - I guess we would've been in registration at the same time. I'm never my most communicative immediately before a contest, otherwise I'd have sought you out. I was the tall pensive looking one if you didn't know...;)
  14. dyl

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    Just to clarify Steve - the tMP Team was represented at the contest - both Rachel and Ian were present and made sure the results reached the site in double-quick time.
  15. WhatSharp?

    WhatSharp? Active Member

    Sorry I meant in its official capacity (with a stand and everything). Seems I missed loads of tMPers, next time I'll carry a bush around with me and pop out every now and again!
  16. NeilW

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    Someone from our part of the world went up to Butlins, and his comment was "we'll not take our band there - its just too far away". (As he's the MD, I don't think the band will be going!)

    I think he said it took him nearly 5 hours to get there from Oxford - Skegness isn't exactly close to the motorway system, which is its biggest problem.

    Pontins takes much less time as there's "not much" non-motorway getting there...

    (Somewhere like CentreParks Nr Nottingham would be an ideal, a much more central location...)

    (The only time I went to a Butlins banding event was when it was at Bogor Regis and they hosted a Youth Band Championship - which I seem to remember we won. I'll leave it open to guesses as to when it was :) )

  17. nickjones

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    For me Butlins holds no interest , it is supposed to be the "Mineworkers" , I suppose I am used to the proper "Mineworkers Competition " in Blackpool.As others have pointed out Skeggy not the easiest place to get too....
    I know the winter gardens never ran out of beer and you could be competitng against Ever Ready , Grimethorpe , Carlton Main...
    might be a bit harsh but its a waterdowned version of a great competition.
  18. WhatSharp?

    WhatSharp? Active Member

    No I don't think so, it's something new in it's own right, and good on em I say. Well done NEMBBA for a superb contest and I loved the Set Test/Entertainment format. I personally am not a fan of Pontins purely from the point of view that once you've played theres nothing else to do but drink. At least Butlins has other attractions, also it's the first contest I've been to where you can wander around the various sections listening to all of them for nothing (and without having to stay till 11pm)!
  19. nickjones

    nickjones Active Member

    There wasnt anything wrong with the Old CISWO Mineworkers , which was not just a weekend for the bands there were loads of events for families organised through CISWO , Solo Competitions and the Gala Concert featuring Grimey.
    Are RANK the organisation who own both the winter gardens and Butlins?
    there is room for competitions like this but will it be a flash in the pan or a competitoin that has run succesfully for over 30 years like Pontins?
  20. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    All I can say about Butlins is we enjoyed it, thought it was a great competition and we'll be going back. No it isn't the same as the old mineworkers contest which I loved but it's a good contest in it's own right and ideal for a band like ours with a lot of youngsters in it.
    I can't comment on Pontins as I've never been due to the sheer distance