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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by barrytone, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. barrytone

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    Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts why two seperate contests, with seperate music panels and adjudicators, decided on using the same test piece? For us first section bands it means can use the piece we've spent ages practising twice, thus saving time to practice the regional piece, but is also means we have to work on and play the same set piece at two contests. Music for the Common Man is a very varied and interesting piece to play, but can it really be that popular amongst the people who chose testpieces?

    Is it a case of hoping that the bands who have already entered Pontins, will also enter Butlins, maybe bands that normally wouldn't enter? If so, good tactic, but why haven't they done it with the other sections too?
  2. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    I have put a reply to a simular thread regarding the same test pieces for the 2 contest i will post it here as well:
    Looks like the Butlins Contest Commitee cant think for themselves in picking a test piece for bands to play :oops: :oops: :oops: in the first section:oops:
  3. WoodenFlugel

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    Thats funny, I was discussing this very point tonight. I'm not sure its a deliberate ploy though - Butlins is already a pretty well supported contest, so I would hope its not for that reason. Another thing to consider - would you really want to keep a pice "on the boil" from October, right through to the end of Janurary? Surely you will be royally sick of it by then?

    Anyway FWIW I think its a bit of a mistake, and a disappointing choice - not because of the piece (which I don't know) but because its already being used at a major contest within a few months. Maybe the two selection comittees happened to come up with the same choice purely by chance, but given the sheer number of good pieces suitable for 1st section, if Butlins knew the Pontins piece ( which they should've done as it was announce ages ago) I'm sure they could've come up with something different.

    It would be interesting to get an "official" take on this.
  4. JR

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    ...it is a disappointing choice
    I just could not believe that that "...Common Man" and St Magnus were by the same composer - one piece is one of the best band pieces I've ever prepared for a contest - and one isnt

    John R
  5. ian perks

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    Ian i cant see anyone coming on here and explaining that but it would be nice if they would but i will still stick by what have said in my above post.::oops: :oops: :oops:
  6. WoodenFlugel

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    Hey trust me, I'm not naive enough to think that anyone in the upper echelons will actually stick their head above the parapet and say why a choice has been made. And I can think of several test piece choices over the last few years that could've done with some explaining (not just Butlins '07).

    Go on - prove me wrong....
  7. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    I say Ian i bet some one as been on here as a guest from the Butlins Commitee and seen comments that have been made:biggrin:

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