Butlins National Mineworkers’ Champion Section Results

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    Have to agree on both your points it was a fantastic event :guiness (Even sweeter when you Win ! Woooo go Carlton Brass :tup :tup ). I think your band were very hard done by. The majority of our band listened to your performance and thought you did really well and deserved a prize. Your interpretation was very similar to our band's and we were highly praised for it in the comments.
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    Redbridge Entertainment Programme

    Redbridge played:

    Flourish - Kevin Norbury
    Sing Sing Sing
    Cousins - Herbert L. Clarke
    Jubilee! - Paul Drury
    Rachmaninov's 18th Variation on a Theme by Paganini
    Truth Aflame - Kevin Norbury
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    For some bloke out of the audience, read Phil 'Bubba' Johnston. For those people that didn't get Frank (even those in our band!), yes, he was a plant.

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    For some bloke out of the audience, read Phil 'Bubba' Johnston. For those people that didn't get Frank (even those in our band!), yes, he was a plant.

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    I agree! There was a similar event in the fourth section. :-(

    Congrats to all the top section bands, I thoroughly enjoyed their performances (although some of the music was a bit 'dated'). I can't remember who were the first band on, but well done for having the guts to go for a modern look - smart suits and evening dress are the way forward (as are trumpet solos it would seem). To the guys from A&N: Do you know how to get hold of 'ejala (sp?)' think it's a great piece and would like to have a crack at it.
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    Sure, it is available here...


    Not sure whether you get lyric sheets or sample Trombone or Cornet solos. Our chaps devised them themselves, clever blokes that they are.
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    Fishburn played:

    Summon the Heroes (Olympic Fanfare)
    Charivari (Cornet soloist John Gill)
    Duet for 2 Cats
    The Ugly peanut

    Congratulations to all the prize winners. We actually thought we played better on Sunday than Saturday, but it seems the judges didn't agree. Great weekend nonetheless
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    Well thanks for the nice comments - I have to say it's the best Wigston have played on a contest stage since going up (and eventually coming back down) to the 1st section. We've got our first post-Butlins rehearsal tonight so it'll be intersting to see what the band's mindset is. Although Variations is a whole different kettle of fish. A couple of Wigston's players listened to you, and thought you played very well, so it was a deserved win on your part.

    I guess it all comes down to something Frank said in the championship section results...."we all have our own opinions...but ultimately it is the opinions of two people (or in our case one person) who decide the winners and losers". (Sorry that might be a slight paraphrase...) Although in the cold light of day that statement sounds slightly rediculous to me :-? .

    Anyway...see you at the areas!!!! :D
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    Dobcross played:

    Rusulkas song to the moon (Laura Hirst cornet soloist)
    Death or Glory
    2nd movment of the Celtic Suite
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    Sorry Lauradoll. When I said major contests I meant the following: The Open, the Grand Shield, the Masters, Spennymoor and the National Finals. I know the importance of the Senior Cup and Trophy but these are qualifiers to the majors. In the overall scheme of things Dobcross are still smallfry when compared to the other bands that had entered.
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    Having listened to most of the bands at the weekend, and looking at this list, I think that there is only one programme missing - that of Thoresby.

    Their programme was :-

    Scherzo from Symphony No.10 Shostakovich arr. Duncan
    I've Got You Under My Skin (Flugal Solo) Porter arr. Freeh
    Elegy from 'A Downland Suite' John Ireland
    The Bass Boys (Bass Quartet) The Beach Boys arr. Duncan
    A Witches Sabbath Berlioz arr. Duncan

    I must say that I thought Thoresby were unlucky not to come higher in the Entertainment section but that is just my personal opinion. Congratulations to Ransomes on their win but, as a side issue, is this going to re-open the adjudication 'aggregate' debate of the Masters a few years ago. Once again we have a champion who, given, was consistent throughout the weekend but who never actually won either part of the contest.
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    Sorry, does anybody know the arranger of the Redbridge 'Sing Sing Sing', I'd like to get hold of it.
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    Entertainment programmes

    Mount Charles played

    Under the Double Eagle
    Tanga (Trumpet soloist Jon Small)
    American Carnival
    Letter from Home
    Coronation Scene from Boris Gudenov
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    Pretty sure it's the same as one we bought
    .Sing Sing Sing (With a swing) (arr. Freeh) (Current Warner Bros./IMP Releases) £31.50

    the piece is 6 to 7 minutes long and I think they took a few of the written instrumentals out as it didn't seem that long. The three drummers and the routine they did was spectacular.
  15. I was there playing with Desford, obviously not too chuffed with results but, hey! was very pleased with the sound of the band. looking forward to the area!
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    :) :D :D :)

    Thanks to all those who said they enjoyed our peformances. Pity about the no 1 draw and the lack of stewards leaving us wandering wround like lost sheep.
    Roll on Rienzi!
  17. was not refering to people or being personal about bands, was simply refering to what constitutes entertainment at a band contest